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Market report on biocides


The average growth rate of specialty biocides used in disinfectants and sanitizers in household, industrial, and institutional cleaners was 2.9%' in 2008, which exceeded the 1% growth of the overall biocide industry in the United States, according to Specialty Biocides 2008: A Global Series of Regional Market Analyses from consulting and research firm Kline & Co. of Little Falls, New Jersey, USA.

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                                                                                          inform August 2009, Vol. 20 (8)                525

                                                S&D News
  The Procter & Gamble Co. (Cincin-
  nati, Ohio, USA) has acquired the Zirh
  skincare brand from Zirh International
  Corp. (New York, New York, USA).
  Zirh is a premium male grooming
  brand available in high-end department
  stores, specialty outlets, and online.
  Like P&G’s recent acquisition of The
  Art of Shaving, the acquisition of Zirh
  “supports P&G Beauty & Grooming’s
  strategy to build the world’s premier
  male grooming company,” said the
  company in a news release.
  Bradford Soap Works (West Warwick,
  Rhode Island, USA) acquired custom
  so a p m a nu f ac t ure r S t a hl S o a p
  (Hoboken, New Jersey, USA) for an
  undisclosed sum on June 9, 2009. A
  Bradford spokesperson told HAPPI
  magazine the company intends to
  “bring the majority, if not all, of the
  manufacturing of these products into
  our West Warwick facility.”

                                                Laffans and                                          This will be the first surfactants manu-
                                                                                                facturing plant for Huntsman outside of the
                                                Huntsman                                        United States, the report noted.

                                                collaborate                                     Market report on
                                                Laffans Petrochemicals Ltd., which is
                                                based in Mumbai, India, and Huntsman            biocides
                                                Corp. Singapore Pte Ltd., a unit of the US-     The average growth rate of specialty bio-
                                                based chemicals manufacturer, have signed       cides used in disinfectants and sanitizers
                                                a letter of intent “to share knowhow, exper-    in household, industrial, and institutional
                                                tise, and resources for specialty chemicals.”   cleaners was 2.9% in 2008, which exceeded
                                                A report in the Hindu Business Line news-       the 1% growth of the overall biocide indus-
  Oregon was set to be the 13th US
                                                paper suggests the companies “intend to         try in the United States, according to Spe-
  state to regulate the amount of phos-
                                                leverage each other’s capabilities and          cialty Biocides 2008: A Global Series of
  phorus allowed in residential automatic
                                                resources for surfactants and amines man-       Regional Market Analyses from consult-
  dishwashing detergent after the state         ufacturing in India.” Laffans’ responsibili-
  legislature passed a bill to that effect                                                      ing and research firm Kline & Co. of Little
                                                ties reportedly will include manufacturing      Falls, New Jersey, USA.
  in late May 2009. As of June 15, the          and raw material sourcing, whereas Hunts-            In 2008, the US specialty biocide
  governor had not yet signed the bill          man’s role would include commercial infra-      market was valued at just under $2.0 billion,
  into law, but was expected to do so.          structure, branding, product range, global      with market volumes approaching 272,155
  The bill bans the sale of residential         approvals, technology, and manufacturing        metric tons. Water treatment is the leading
  dishwasher detergents in Oregon with          processes.                                      application group in the United States, with
  more than 0.5% phosphorous content                  According to the newspaper, “the          halogenated biocides the leading category
  by July 1, 2010. Commercial products          planned technology transfer will include        owing to significant consumption within
  are exempt from the ban.                      specialty nonionic surfactants, glycol          water treatment. By contrast, the house-
                     nnn                        ethers, and amines for a wide range of          hold, industrial, and institutional cleaning
  Consumer products publicized as the           markets, including agrochemicals, house-        products industry consumed around $130
  “world’s first and only line of house         hold, personal care, oil and gas, and auto-     million of specialty biocides in 2008.
  products that are both eco-certi-             motive brake fluids.”

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