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									                                                                                        inform August 2009, Vol. 20 (8)                 511

  The European Commission (EC) pro-
                                              Biofuels News
  posal to impose anti-dumping duties
  on US biodiesel was adopted by EC
  finance ministers and took effect July
  12, 2009 (see inform 20:420, 2009).
  Duties will range from $1.40 to $2.50
  per gallon and may last up to five years.
  The European Biodiesel Board con-
  tended that US biodiesel marketed in
  Europe over the past two years had
  been sold at a discount, jeopardizing
  the European Union biodiesel indus-
  At the inaugural meeting of the Euro-
  pean Algae Biomass Association
  (EABA) held in June in Florence, Italy,
  Raffaello Garofalo, the executive direc-
  tor of the EABA, told Reuters news
  service that manufacture of biofuels
  from algae “will happen in the longer
  term, 10 to 15 years.” He added,
  “There are still challenges and prob-
                                                                                                 •	 Emphasize	co-product	capture	and	
  lems to resolve.” He also indicated
  that at present biodiesel made from         GENERAL                                               marketability to maximize revenue
                                                                                                    generation. Triacylglycerols repre-
  algae costs 10–30 times more than
                                                                                                    sent a relatively small portion of algae-
  traditional biofuels. However, salable
  by-products could bring down the
                                              Economics of                                          related revenue opportunities. Of the

                                              producing biofuels
                                                                                                    material produced in an algal biofu-
  overall price.                                                                                    els system, 50–80% will be something

                                              from algae                                            other than oils used for biofuel.
                                                                                                 •	 Aggressively	develop	technologies	and	
                                              The US Department of Energy (DOE)                     processes that significantly improve
                                              released a Request for Information on June            total algae yields without dramatically
                                              3, 2009, regarding its National Algal Bio-            increasing costs.
                                              fuels Technology Roadmap. In response,             •	 Reduce	total	capital	costs,	through	
                                              Phillip Brown, president and chief operat-            advanced technology, of algae pro-
                                              ing officer of Diversified Energy (Gilbert,           duction and harvesting. Components
                                              Arizona, USA), placed on the company’s                having the greatest impact on capital
                                              website a document entitled “A Commer-                costs are the algae growth system,
                                              cial Economics Perspective.” According to             water management/harvesting/extrac-
                                              Brown, priorities in developing and com-              tion, and CO2 delivery infrastructure.
                                              mercializing algal biofuels should be the             Brown’s comments may be down-
                                              following:                                       loaded in a pdf format from www.
  The Donald Danforth Plant Science
                                                 •	 Focus	 research	 and	 development
  Center (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)                                                            webAction=pressRoom, in a press release
  and GeoSynFuels, LLC (GSF; Golden,                activities on minimizing operations
                                                    and maintenance (O&M) costs for            dated June 22, 2009.
  Colorado, USA) have formed a joint
  venture called Agrius BioForms LLC                algae production systems. His anal-
  (ABF) to produce low-cost proteins                ysis showed that utilities (electricity,
                                                    water, etc.), CO2, maintenance of the
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