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									          inform August 2009, Vol. 20 (8)                 509

                                                              MMT of sunflowerseed and produced 1.7 MMT of sunflower oil since the begin-
       alkyd paints and coatings: Conventional                ning of the marketing year, which was a 23.7% increase, year-on-year.
       oil-based alkyd paints provide durable,

                                                              New ventures
       high-gloss coatings but use hazardous sol-
       vents. The Procter & Gamble Co. of Cin-
       cinnati, Ohio, USA, and Cook Composites
       and Polymers Co. of North Kansas City,                 Researchers at Bayer MaterialScience are using vegetable oils in the produc-
       Missouri, USA, are developing Chempol                  tion of polyether polyols directly, without any need for further chemical trans-
       MPS paint formulations using biobased                  formation, according to a report in the June issue of High Performance Plastics (8,
       Sefose oils to replace petroleum-based                 2009). The resulting polyether polyols contain between 53% and 68% raw mate-
       solvents. Sefose oils, made from sugar and             rial from renewable sources.
       vegetable oil, enable new high-performance                                                         nnn
       alkyd paints with less than half the solvent.          A new plant sterol-containing snack cracker—claimed to be the first in
       Paints with less hazardous solvent will                the country—was introduced in June in the United States by nutritional food
       help improve worker safety, reduce fumes               firm Kashi.
       indoors as the paint dries, and improve air                                                        nnn
       quality.                                               Russian company AgroSib-Razdolye will spend 700 million rubles worth of
                                                              borrowed funds to upgrade a vegetable oil plant in the Altai Region, the press

       Dean Foods
                                                              service of the regional government said in a statement in June. The company plans
                                                              to complete the upgrade of the plant in February 2010.
       acquires Alpro                                                                                     nnn
                                                              A $30 million oilseed crushing plant has been built in Lira, Uganda, according to
       Dean Foods Co. (Dallas, Texas, USA)                    AllAfrica.com. Mount Meru Millers of Tanzania reportedly is the investor. The
       is acquiring the Alpro division of Van-                facility will have an annual capacity of 90,000 MT of oil, mainly from sunflower,
       demoortele N.V. (Ghent), Belgium’s largest             simsim, and soy.
       privately-held food company. The transac-
       tion’s price is approximately €325 million
       (about $450 million) and is expected to be             R&D
       completed in the third quarter of 2009.
            With its Alpro ® soya and Provamel ®              Archer Daniels Midland (ADM: Decatur, Illinois, USA) will provide $1.2 million,
       brands, Alpro is the European leader in                the Kansas (USA) Bioscience Authority will provide another $1.2 million, and
       branded soy-based beverage and food                    the University of Kansas (Lawrence, USA) will provide in-kind support worth
       products with net sales of approximately               more than $300,000 for a three-year project aimed at converting vegetable oils
       €260 million in 2008, according to Dean                into lubricants and other chemicals and at eliminating the need for pe
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