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      ism, Kemalism, secularism and a culture of       would be better grounded in recent schol-
      militarism, which he tries to deconstruct        arship on Turkey, which focuses on differ-
      through his post-Kemalist framework. This        ences between the various interpretations
      alternative reading is reflected in the au-      of secularism in Turkey. Second, since the
      thor’s call for a new constitution, which, he    book is a compiled volume of commen-
      hopes, might undo the devastation wrought        taries, it suffers from duplications of some
      by Kemalism on society. Dagi is very clear       ideas across chapters, which might have
      about the democratizing potential of such        been overcome through a better editing
      a constitution: “A constitution without Ke-      process.
      malism will be a prelude to a functioning
      democracy and the rule of law in Turkey”             Overall, the book illustrates succinctly
      (p. 76).                                         the main characteristics of political culture
                                                       in Turkey. This vintage study admirably ad-
          Notwithstanding its many contributions       dresses the needs of English-speaking read-
      to the literature on contemporary Turkish        ers, for whom it is primarily written, but it
      politics, the book suffers from some minor       also has value for all those interested in the
      deficiencies. First, instead of using “secu-     politics of this country. “Turkey between
      larism” as a catch-all concept to describe       Democracy and Militarism: Post Kemalist
      the Kemalist understanding of the state-         Perspectives” is a highly recommended
      religion relationship, the author could have     source of information, providing the reader
      used “laicism”. In this way, he could have       with a post-Kemalist perspective on politi-
      drawn a distinction between secularism as        cal developments in Turkey.
      an inclusive concept with a rather positive
      connotation, and laicism as a specific inter-         Nezir Akyeşilmen, Republic of Turkey
      pretation of secularism that is restrictive of          Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat for
      religious freedoms. Thus, the author’s study                                 Foreign Trade

      Cosmopolitan Anxieties: Turkish Challenges to Citizenship
      and Belonging in Germany

      By Ruth Mandel
      Durham and London: Duke University Pres, 2008, 415 pp., ISBN-10: 082234193X.

          Ruth Mandel’s brilliant work entitled        tory of Turkish presence in Germany w
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