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									The Davutoğlu Era in Turkish
Foreign Policy
                                                                                     BÜLENT ARAS*

                                                      rime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Ahmet Davutoğlu was appointed
Turkish foreign minister on May 1,                    appointed Ahmet Davutoğlu as
2009. Chief advisor to the Turkish        Turkey’s new foreign minister on May 1,
prime minister since 2002, Davutoglu      2009. Davutoğlu has been a close associate
is known as the intellectual architect
of Turkish foreign policy under
                                          of Erdoğan, and his chief advisor on foreign
the AK Party. He articulated a            policy since 2003. Davutoğlu is known as the
novel foreign policy vision and           intellectual architect of the Justice and Devel-
succeeded, to a considerable extent,
                                          opment Party’s (AKP, Adalet ve Kalkınma Par-
in changing the rhetoric and practice
of Turkish foreign policy. Turkey’s       tisi) foreign policy and has been influential in a
new dynamic and multidimensional          number of major foreign policy developments.
foreign policy line is visible on         There is a consensus that it was Davutoğlu who
the ground, most notably to date
in the country’s numerous and
                                          changed the rhetoric and practice of Turkish
significant efforts to address chronic    foreign policy, bringing to it a dynamic and
problems in neighboring regions.          multidimensional orientation. He set the vi-
Davutoğlu’s duty will now shift from
                                          sion and the style of the new foreign policy
the intellectual design of policies to
greater actual involvement in foreign     line and provided a framework for pursuing it.
policy as he undertakes his new           At first, Davutoğlu’s new vision and style were
responsibilities as minister of foreign   subject to much discussion; many wondered at
affairs. The Davutoğlu era in Turkish
foreign policy will deepen Turkey’s       first whether it would be suitable for Turkish
involvement in regional politics,         foreign policy. After seven years, the discus-
international organizations, and          sion has mainly shifted to whether his policy
world politics.

                                          * Prof. Dr., Işık Üniversitesi and SETA,

Insight Turkey Vol. 11 / No. 3 / 2009
pp. 127-142                                                                                                127
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