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									                     NHRA 2009 Rules Amendments Index                                                             2009 Get Screened America Pro Mod Challenge Schedule
The list below references the amendments made since December 2008 to rules
                                                                                                                            March 12-15                                                      Sept. 2-7
printed in the 2009 NHRA Rulebook. For the complete text of each amendment
and for amendments made prior to January 2009 or after this issue went to                                                   ACDelco NHRA                                           Mac Tools U.S. Nationals
                                                                                                                            Gatornationals                                             O’Reilly Raceway Park
press, log on to NHRA.com and click on the “Competition” drop-down menu at                                                                                                                at Indianapolis
the top of the page to find the “Rules Amendments” link.                                                                Gainesville Raceway
                                                                                                                            Gainesville                                                     Indianapolis
Sec.   Page Item                          Effective    Sec.   Page Item                             Effective
1       26   Chassis Inspection             3/09       11     194   Steering, Suspension                5/09                March 27-29                                                    Sept. 17-20
2       41   Staging                        3/09       12     206   Designation                         5/09                O’Reilly NHRA                                          NHRA Carolinas Nationals
3       54   Logo Placement                 5/09       13     210   Air Intakes                         3/09               Spring Nationals                                               zMax Dragway
4A      59   Supercharger, Turbocharger     5/09       14     211   Carburetor                          3/09         Houston Raceway Park                                                   Charlotte
4B      66   Nitrous Oxide                  5/09       14     218   Windshield/Windows                  1/09
4C      70   Nitrous Oxide                  5/09       14     219   Data Recorder                       1/09               Houston                         May 29-31
4C      71   Transmission                   5/09       14     219   Protective Clothing                 1/09                                               O’Reilly NHRA                   Oct. 9-11
4D      76   Supercharger/Drivetrain        5/09       15     223   Valve Covers                        5/09                   May 1-3                   Summer Nationals         NHRA Virginia Nationals
4D      77   Upholstery                     5/09       15     224   Drivetrain, Steering, Suspension    5/09                 O’Reilly NHRA             Heartland Park Topeka     Virginia Motorsports Park
4D      78   Helmet                         5/09       15     227   Body                                5/09                                                                             Richmond
8A     104   Cylinder Heads            
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