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									                                                                                                like the slower cars better. When I’m chasing someone if
                                                                                                I’m bracket racing my Mustang, it’s hard for me to wait
                                                                                                and watch them go down the track.”
                                                                                                  Curtis bought the Ranger off a dealership lot in 1997
                                                                                                and began turning it into a racer right away. In
                                                                                                completely stock trim, the truck could cover a quarter-
                                                                                                    mile in about 22 seconds, but Curtis has lowered that
                                                                                                    figure to about 16.2 seconds through a number of
                                                                                                    improvements over the years, including a new
                                                                              Bill Curtis           ignition system, improved suspension, and a rebuild
                                                                           Ann Arbor, Mich. of the motor. The truck is slotted into NHRA’s W/S
                                                                                 Stock              category, which has a 16.7-second index.
                                                                                                       “It’s never had anything hauled in it; it’s always
                                                                             ’97 Ranger             been a racer,” Curtis said. “It’s a pretty smooth

              hen it comes time to race, Michigan-based Bill Curtis                                 drive. Other than the work we’ve done, everything
              can choose between a 10-second Mustang and a late-                                    else is pretty much stock. The plan for the winter is
              ’90s truck that isn’t nearly as quick. In what might come as     to do away with the factory transmission and get an aftermarket trans in
              a surprise to many, it’s the truck that’s lately been getting    there, but that’s about it. The rest is just stock.”
              out to the track more often. Curtis says he enjoys the ups          Although he’s certainly not out chasing points on a national scale,
and downs of trying to win Stock races with a 16-second ’97 Ranger.            Curtis says he hopes to race at possibly two more national events this
   “I like the challenge of it; you always have to leave first on the Tree,    season, including the prestigious Mac Tools U.S. Nationals and its annual
so it comes down more to the driver and driving the finish line,” Curtis       Stock class competition. Additionally, with help from his family — wife
said. “It’s something different. I’ve had fast cars before, and I’ve got my    Sarah, daughters Kaytlan and Morgan, and parents Tom and Jenny —
Mustang for Super Street, but the truck is just more fun. I’ve been drag       and T.S.S Hobbies of Belleville, M
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