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									                                                                                             On the Run                with Brittany Force
                                                                                      driver of the BrandSource Top Alcohol Dragster

                                                                                      T    he NHRA Northwest Nationals in Seattle was a
                                                                                           dramatic weekend for the Force family. After
                                                                                      qualifying Saturday afternoon, my BrandSource A/Fuel
                                                                                      Dragster ended up No. 4 and went rounds, which was
                         AUGUST 13-16                                                 an improvement after losing in the first round in
                                                                                      Norwalk. For the first time in my A/Fuel Dragster, I
                                                                                      met my little sister, Courtney, in the semifinals and
                          218.824.RACE                                                planned to give fans a head-on race to the finish line,
                                                                                      but the race was everything except that.
                                                                                         All weekend during qualifying, I had a very
                                                          consistent car, running in the low .40s and high .30s, so I felt good rolling up to
                                                          the starting line. We both had great hot rods, and I was so excited to be paired
                                                          up with Courtney. My crew chief, Jerry Darien, helped me suit up. Shortly after,
                                                          the familiar butterflies began to surface in my stomach. Every time I climb into
                                                          my race car, I get an edgy feeling that remains ’til I get to the other end of the
                                                          track. I have asked many drivers if that is a normal reaction, and I always
                         AUGUST 20-23                     receive the same response, “It does not go away.” In Super Comp, I had a driver
                                                          tell me that being nervous in your race car is a good thing because the second
                                                          you lose that and become too overly confident as a driver, you lose respect for
                                                          your race car and can hurt yourself.
                          610.856.7200                         “I came very close in New Jersey
                                                               and am determined to get my first
                                                                        win this year.”
                                                              I’m usually more at ease when I know my silly, little sister is in the lane next
                                                          to me. I know if I happen to roll in too quickly or roll in too slowly, she would
                                                          still be all smiles at the other end of the track because we got to battle it out.
                         SEPTEMBER 2-7                    But I have to admit by the time we pulled up to run with all the commotion that
                                                          was being made about two Force sisters competing against each other, I was
                                                          more worked up than usual. My mom was microphoned up with ESPN cameras
                                                          following her, and there was still a large crowd of people in the stands cheering
                                                          us on. I pulled up next to Court, and we both pre-staged; I got off the clutch,
                                                          shoved my levers to full fuel, lit my second bulb, and then red-lighted. I have
                                                          never gone red in my A/Fuel career. I guess I was anxious to get to the other
                                                          end to beat her, so I stepped on the throttle too soon. It was an exciting, yet self-
                                                          educating day.
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