The Young Musician's Survival Guide: Tips from Teens and Pros by ProQuest


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									affordable addition to the library of       so far. The final test––hearing the reed      Most of the examples used in the
every serious oboist, and represents a      played by its maker––cannot be pre-        book are from musicians who play
unique example of the type of research      sented in a book. The reader is encour-    orchestra and/or band instruments;
that continues to be valuable, and          aged to explore available recordings       however, the philosophy and underly-
needed, for performers on other             (some of which are mentioned) to           ing premise of the book provides
instruments as well.                        complete this study. Nevertheless, the     examples that students will be able to
   Ledet explores reeds and reed mak-       overarching question that arises           transfer to their own situations, regard-
ing practices of 82 oboists from 14         remains: Who is going to do the next       less of the instrument they study. One
countries, including the United States,     volume? ––Reviewed by                      interesting addition in this second edi-
many European countries, Russia and         Peggy Grant, Northern Kentucky             tion is the inclusion of web resources
Australia, and spanning almost three-       University                                 and more solutions that include tech-
quarters of a century (1869 to 1950).                                                  nology in general. The informal style
His intent was to document the wide         The Young Musician’s Survival Guide:       and inclusion of biographies of profes-
range of oboe reed styles and to relate     Tips from Teens and Pros, by Amy           sional musicians create an informative
them to the five different schools of       Nathan. Oxford University Press, 2008.     and interesting resource for students.
playing (and their hybrids) that he; (800) 451-7556; 180           Studio teachers may find it very use-
identifies. The result is an extraordi-     pp. $12.95.                                ful to include this book as part of the
nary contribution to the international         The second edition of Amy Nathan’s      lesson experience for their students.
oboe world, not only as a                   guide for young musicians is an engag-     The book is divided into 10 chapters
reference/documentary of reed styles        ing, accessible and welcome resource       that are fairly short and address various
but also as a compilation of important      for young musicians. The book is           aspects of musical study and perform-
performers and their practices, includ-     intended for students who are begin-       ance. A studio teacher may wish to
ing the great and influential Marcel        ning their studies in                                              have the student
Tabuteau and Fernand Gillet.                music (upper ele-                                                  read a chapter a
   The 168 representative reeds (some       mentary––high                                                      week and then
oboists contributed two) are shown          school) and serves as                                              use that chapter
both in reflected light and in silhouette   a primer of advice                                                 as the basis for a
(back-lighted) and are organized alpha-     regarding many areas                                               continuing con-
betically by country and, within each       of interest and con-                                               versation regard-
country, alphabetically by surname.         cern to young musi-                                                ing practice
The contents section lists the oboists’     cians. Student
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