Oboe Reed Styles: Theory and Practice by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                            along with transcriptions and analyses
                                                                                                            of the various songs and games. Each
                                                                                      department of music
                                                                                      department of music
                                                                                                            book comes with the requisite codes to
                                                                                                            allow readers access to these online
                                                                                                            resources. For teachers looking to
      THE RODNEY AND LORNA SAWATSKY                                                                         bring the repertoire of their students’
                                                                                                            lives and cultures into their teaching,
               ARS CONCERTO
      RISING STARS CONCERTO COMPETITION                                                                     this book suggests multiple entry
                                                                                                            points. ––Reviewed by Gena R. Greher,
                                                                        www.messiah.edu/music               University of Massachusetts Lowell

                            Konrad Binienda, 2007 Rising Stars winner                                       8 Oboe Reed Styles: Theory and
      Messiah College, in cooperation with the Harrisburg Symphony                                          Practice, by David Ledet. Indiana
      Orchestra, will host a concerto competition on the College’s campus,
                             concerto                      College’s                                        University Press, 2009.
      just 12 miles from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All instrumentalists in                                  www.iupress.indiana.edu; (800) 842-
      grades 9 – 12, residing in the United States, are eligible. For more infor-                           6796; 224 pp. $21.95.
      mation and an application form, please visit www.messiah.edu/music.                                      Ever since the first edition of Oboe
                                                                                                            Reed Styles: Theory and Practice arrived
                                                                                                            in print in 1981, artist-performers,
      Application Deadline                   Semifinal Auditions                 Final Auditions             oboe teachers and students alike have
     November 23, 2009                      Januar y 22, 2010
                                            January                          Januar y
                                                                             January 23, 2010               benefited from the wealth of informa-
                                                                                                            tion it contains. David Ledet’s study of
                                                                                                            oboe reed styles originated as a 1960
                                                                                                            doctoral thesis at the Eastman School
                                                                                                            of Music. Ledet, an avid music educa-
                                                                                                            tor on all levels from high school to
                                                                                                            university, and an esteemed oboist in
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