The Musical Playground: Global Tradition and Change in Children's Songs and Games by ProQuest


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									text includes 16 one-hour lessons with
                                    cal expression is developed through the      RMM, this book will get you started.
a “celebration” at the end of every body. Next is the “Musical Language”         Included are group teaching ideas and
eight weeks. The included CD is inte-
                                    section, which presents music nomen-         a section on RMM philosophy, as well
gral in the learning process.       clature. Most lessons include an             as student recruiting suggestions.
   The Student Handbook is well     “Explore” section, which gives the           Lesson plans form the core of the
designed. Each lesson starts with   opportunity to get deeper into the           book.
“Music Wellness.” Here is where musi-
                                    pieces. Each lesson includes repertoire.        Reflective Moments is a supplemental
                                                           Off staff nota-       text for reinforcing the Student
                                                           tion is used first,   Handbook’s concepts. The authors, who
             E xpertise
       Piano Expertise                                     but the grand
                                                           staff is presented
                                                                                 wrote most of the pieces, include a
                                                                                 nice version of “Santa Lucia.” Sacred
      at your fingertips
              fingertips                                   quite soon.
                                                              I particularly
                                                                                 Moments and Christmas Moments pro-
                                                                                 vide more reinforcement.
                                                           like the use of          The Student Handbook contains 35
                                                           chord “shells” in     pages of pieces, concepts and exercises.
                                                           the left hand.        The pages are sparse, but the knowl-
                                                           These shells can      edge contained on the pages is dense.
                                                           be expanded to           For the novice, this approach may
                                                           full chords in        seem a bit unusual. I taught on a
                                                           the “Explore”         cruise using a similar program called
                                                           portion of the        “Passport to Music.” I was thrilled at
                                                           lesson. Symbols       the results the program produced. I
                                                           always come           predict similar satisfaction and success
                                                           after the con-        for your beginning adult recreational
                                                           cept. For exam-       pianists. ––Reviewed by Michelle
                                                           ple, students         Conda, University of Cincinnati

     w w w. p t g . o r g                                  learn to play
                                                           broken chords
                                                           before they are
                                                                                 8 The Musical Playground: Global
                                                                                 Tradition and Change in Children’s
                                                           presented the         Songs and Games, by Kathryn Marsh.
                                                           symbol (nota-         Oxford University Press, 2009.
                                                           tion).      ; (800) 451-7556; 431
                                                              The Teacher’s      pp. $99.
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