Literacy, Music & Technology Connection, w/CD-ROM by ProQuest


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                                   Reviews of books, videos, software and music
                                        for the professional music teacher

                                            consider their contribution to the            “Assemble” aids in defining musical
              Books                         character of the piece. Considering        style. Students choose a tempo and
                                            instrumentation, text, tempo and vocal     select and place loops onto tracks with
Literacy, Music & Technology                techniques, the students learn to dis-     loop-based software.
Connection, w/CD-ROM, by Zig                cern musical style. Finally, they brain-      In “Produce,” students organize the
Wajler. Alfred Publishing Company,          storm to create                                                     loops into sec-
2009.; (818) 892-            lyrics for their                                                    tions (introduc-
2452; 94 pp. $24.95.                        own song. They                                                      tion, verse,
   Wajler’s Literacy, Music & Technology    begin with an                                                       chorus) in
Connection succeeds not only in com-        idea, a single                                                      preparation for
bining technology and arts in the class-    word or phrase,                                                     voice recording.
room, but also in generating                and develop that                                                    The performers
motivation and self-esteem with social      into several relat-                                                 record the vocal
skills and cooperative learning.            ed words and                                                        parts on new
   “Think, Plan, Assemble, and              shape them into                                                     tracks while
Produce” (T.P.A.P.) lesson plans form       lyrics.                                
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