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									                    Music Teachers National Association
                                Annual Meeting Of The Association
                                                Atlanta, Georgia • March 31, 2009
CALL TO ORDER                                                         our membership and to ensuring that everything we do is valu-
  MTNA President Gail Berenson called the meeting to order at         able to the music teacher and the music teaching profession.
11:45 A.M. on March 31, 2009.                                            Treasurer Price explained that the FOUNDATION FUND, while a
                                                                      part of MTNA and therefore included in MTNA’s financial
PARLIAMENTARIAN                                                       reports, has its own checking account. All contributions go to
  In accordance with Article XIII, section 1, President Berenson      the general FOUNDATION FUND, unless designated by the donor
appointed Phyllis Pieffer to serve as the parliamentarian for the     for an endowment fund. The FOUNDATION FUND provides awards
meeting.                                                              for student competitions, local association grants, teacher
RECOGNITIONS                                                          enrichment grants and state affiliate grants. To maximize the
   President Berenson recognized the following special guests in      contributions to the FOUNDATION FUND, the MTNA general fund
attendance:                                                           absorbs all of the overhead expenses for the FOUNDATION FUND.
   Board of Directors: Officers: President-elect Ann Gipson,             Treasurer Price assured the members that MTNA is in good
   Vice President Janice Wenger, Secretary-Treasurer Judith Price     financial health—that its assets are protected and its resources
   Directors: Karen Thickstun, East Central Division; Debra           are used appropriately. The MTNA Board of Directors provides
   Florian, Northwest Division; Celinda Hallbauer, South Central      oversight. It has established financial policies that protect the
   Division; Fay Adams, Southern Division; and Lezlee Bishop,         assets, approved the annual budget, and it monitors financial
   Southwest Division                                                 reports prepared by the staff. The Board oversees the annual
   Past National Presidents:                                          audit and adopts policies that govern the management of
      James Norden, Joan Reist, R Wayne Gibson and Phyllis Pieffer    investments. The staff manages the day-to-day operations and
                                                                      prepares and presents accurate and complete financial informa-
ADOPTION OF AGENDA                                                    tion on a monthly basis for the Finance Committee.
The agenda was adopted as distributed.                                   Treasurer Price concluded by thanking the membership for
                                                                      the privilege of serving as the Secretary-Treasurer of MTNA.
The minutes of the March 2008 MTNA Annual Meeting of the              REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT
Association were distributed. As there were no additions or              President Berenson gave the Annual Report of the President,
corrections, the minutes stand as written.                            summarizing a few of the highlights of her term in office. Two
REPORT OF THE TREASURER                                               outstanding conferences were held during Berenson’s biennium:
   President Berenson recognized Secretary-Treasurer Judith           the 2008 conference in Denver, CO, and the 2009 conference in
Price, who presented the Treasurer’s Report. A handout was            Atlanta, GA. A collaborative performance track was added to the
distributed to the membership containing an excerpt from the          2009 conference and plans are underway for the broad topic of
MTNA annual audit report for FY 2008 year end (June 30,               collaborative performance to take on greater prominence at the
2008). The information summarized MTNA’s financial position.          2011 conference. In collaboration with the Canadian Federation
   Treasurer Price reported on the impact of the current economic     of Music Teachers, (CFMTA), MTNA sponsored a special Wellness
crisis on MTNA. In anticipation of the crisis, and to replenish our   Symposium in New York City, July 2008, which was enthusiasti-
cash position, austerity spending measures were initiated in the      cally received. Work continues on the strategic goal to promote
summer of 2008 along with the exploration of ways to reduce           globalization through the strengthening of our relationships with
our overhead. At its December 2008 meeting, the Board agreed          the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers, the European Piano
on a gradual process to deal with 
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