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									                                         Division Candidates

        TNA members will be electing Division officers and    election ballot by petition signed by one hundred Active
        directors beginning in February 2010. Included        Members and received at the business offices of the
        here are the nominees as recommended by the           Association no later than three (3) months prior to the
MTNA Nominating Committee. The committee nominates            scheduled date of the election.”
two candidates for each position.
                                                                The February/March 2010 issue of American Music
   MTNA members also may submit nominations for the bal-      Teacher will contain a ballot and voting instructions. Online
lot. To do so, you must send to the MTNA headquarters, a      voting also will be available at www.mtna.org at that time.
petition indicating your nominee(s) signed by one hundred     The nominating committee consists of Gail J. Berenson,
(100) active members. This petition must be received no       NCTM, Athens, Ohio, chair; Fay Adams, NCTM, Knoxville,
later than December 1, 2009.                                  Tennessee; Debra Florian, NCTM, Poulsbo, Washington;
                                                              Carmen Shaw, NCTM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Kathleen
  In accordance with Article VI, Sec. 2 of the MTNA Bylaws,   Theisen, NCTM, Greenwich, Connecticut; Christopher
this slate of two candidates per office was prepared by the   Hahn, NCTM, Missoula, Montana; Sue Steck-Turner, NCTM,
MTNA Nominating Committee. Members also may submit            Lafayette, Louisiana; Susan Andrews, NCTM; Bethlehem,
nominations: MTNA Bylaws, Article VI, Section 3:              Georgia; Scott McBride Smith, NCTM, Irvine, California;
“Nominations for National…offices, other than those pre-      Wanda Mandigo, Waverly, Nebraska.
sented by the Nominating Committee, may be added to the


   Scott Beard, NCTM, is a pianist,                              Michelle Gordon, NCTM, is an
teacher, clinician, author and record-                        independent piano teacher, in
ing artist. He was named 2006 West                            Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. She has
Virginia “Music Teacher of the Year,”                         served Massachusetts MTA as past
and his students have won top prizes                          president and is currently secretary of
in numerous competitions, including                           both MMTA local and state boards
MTNA national finals. Beard is pro-                           and IMTF chair. She has also served
fessor of music at Shepherd                                   on the MTNA Nominating
University and is WVMTA president                             Committee, presented at MTNA
and Eastern Division Competitions                             Conferences and written for AMT.
chair.                                                        She was elected Massachusetts MTA “Teacher of the Year,”
   “I hope to share with students, fellow teachers and com-   2009–20
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