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									                         2009–2010 Student Competitions

      tudent competitions are one of MTNA’s most success-      coordinator. These coordinators also work with state and
      ful, long-term programs. For more than 40 years, the     division competition volunteers.
      competitions have provided young musicians and their        The following pages contain the general guidelines for
teachers with opportunities for encouragement and growth.      the 2009–2010 Competitions. Specific guidelines for each
   Linda Stump, director of competitions, oversees the offi-   competition level, state and division competition dates and
cials who are charged with coordinating specific competi-      contact information for state, division and national competi-
tions: Sally Laird, NCTM, Junior Competitions coordinator;     tion officials, as well as a composer classification list, can be
Sigrid Luther, NCTM, Senior Competitions coordinator;          found in the competitions section of the MTNA website. A
Jeanne Grealish, NCTM; Young Artist Competitions coordi-       listing of past competition winners and officials is also avail-
nator; James Norden, Chamber Music Competition coordi-         able online.
nator; and Roger Foltz, NCTM, Composition Competitions

   The MTNA Student Competitions consist of three levels:      MTNA Young Artist Performance Competitions
State Competition, Division Competition and National           Sponsored by:
Finals.                                                          Steinway & Sons, sponsor of the piano competition
                                                                 The MTNA FOUNDATION FUND, sponsor of the brass, string,
PERFORMANCE COMPETITIONS                                         voice and woodwind competitions
The purposes of the Music Teachers National Association        MTNA Chamber Music Performance Competition
performance competitions are to provide educational expe-      Sponsored by:
riences for students and teac
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