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									                                       College Faculty Forum
               National Group Piano And Piano Pedegogy Forum
                                                 by Barbara Fast, NCTM

        P3, the National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy         held at the University of Oklahoma with the themes of “The
        Forum, announces its 10th Anniversary bienni-                     Millennial Student” and “Staying Focused, Staying

                                                      Le a r n i n g L
        al meeting Friday and Saturday, August                                  Fresh.”
6–7, 2010, hosted by the Sarah and Ernest                                               In 2006, GP3 launched a new part-
                                                    K                          S
Butler School of Music of the University
of Texas at Austin. The two-day event,          g                                       nership with MTNA, providing GP3
                                                                                          with greater ease and opportunity in
                                      hi n

as in previous gatherings, will con-                                                         the areas of financial planning,
centrate on the specific needs of                                                             advertising, web hosting and
                                   Te a c

                                                                                   ri ng
college and university teachers of                                                            online registration and payment.
group piano and piano pedagogy                                                                The association also allowed
with the theme of “Retooling                                                                  MTNA, along with GP3, to meet
Tradition.” One topic emphasized                                                              the specific needs of group
will be group piano and piano pedagogy                                         piano and piano pedagogy professors in the
at the community college and small college                                   practical way that remains the mission of GP3.
level.                                                                       The agreement specified that GP3 remain
   The GP3 Goals continue to remain the                                      autonomous in matters of current and continu-
mission of the forum:                                              ing leadership, mission, programming and focus. The
n Share in concrete ways what we are doing in our day to        partnership has been an exciting collaboration, allowing
   day teaching.  
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