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                                                                        brief article in this issue by Beatrice Larsen to emphasize the point.
                                                                        There’s nothing new about the driving force of money to cause devi-
                                                                        ant behavior. The Old Testament offers ample evidence of this, and
Editor’s Comment                                                        there’s of course King Midas. A more recent discussion is provided
                                                                        by Dr. Samuel Johnson, in The Rambler, October 6, 1750:

                                                                           As the love of Money has been, in all ages, one of the passions
Philip W. Brickner, MD                                                     that have given great disturbance to the tranquility of the world,
                                                                           there is no topic more copiously treated by the ancient moral-
                                                                           ists than the folly of devoting the heart to the accumulation of
                                                                           riches. They who are acquainted with these authors need not be

         he articles included in this special issue of the Journal on
         the subject of elder abuse cover an important range of            tol
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