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AUSA Sustaining Member Profile: Avion, Inc by ProQuest


Avion personnel have strong expertise in Army Aviation, including the following areas. * Aviation systems engineering; airworthiness qualification, flight safety risk reduction, systems integration. * Rotorcraft aeromechanics: vibration reduction/vibration monitoring, * Critical asset engineering management: CS! engineering testing/ qualification. * Manufacturing processes: product assurance, vendor oversight/qualification and technology improvement. * Comprehensive life-cycle engineering and logistics analysis. * Automation of the Army: time-sensitive, flight-critical 2410 and high-dollar asset-management tracking system at the command and depot levels. * Enterprise asset management, technical data and configuration management. * Software systems development/engineering. * Automated information systems/automated identification technology (AIS/AfT) systems: supply and maintenance management automation. * Integrated logistics services: global AIS/AiT implementation. * Technology insertion. * Reliability, availability and maintainability. * System business process streamlining: operations and support cost reduction. Applying parts-marking engineering and logistics expertise, Avion has developed asset-tracking applications (for example, laser marking, printed labels and so on) for Army tool room and aviation life support equipment (ALSE) marking and inventory management at the unit level.

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