OBITUARY: Robert S. McNamara

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					gues. Improving the quality of gov-
ernance — such as preventing tax                                                  OBITUARY
evasion and ensuring accountability
in the use of resources raised — will
be key to the success of any policy
options that are pursued.                         Robert S. McNamara
   Committing to regional integration
will ensure that Africa maintains “a
strong and credible voice” in inter-                                                                                    WFS ARCHIVE
                                                     Former U.S. Secretary of
national problem solving, in areas
                                                  Defense Robert S. McNamara
ranging from climate change to
                                                  died on July 6, 2009, at his
global financial systems. Coopera-
                                                  home in Washington, D.C.
tion will also help the continent be-
                                                  He was 93.
come more competitive for the re-
                                                     McNamara was a member
sources needed to improve the
                                                  of the World Future Society
transportation and energy infrastruc-
                                                  Global Advisory Council and
tures, says Janneh.
                                                  Board of Directors, invited
   At the Cairo meeting, experts de-
                                                  by a fellow board member,
bated a variety of issues and policy
                                                  Nobel Prize winning chemist
recommendations for “enhancing the
                                                  Glenn T. Seaborg, to join in
effectiveness of fiscal policy for do-
                                                  early 1983. In his acceptance
mestic resources mobilization.” The
                                                  letter to Seaborg, McNamara
short-term goals are to cushion econ-
                                                  stated that he was anxious
omies from the recession, while the
                                                  “to have the opportunity for
long-term goals are to boost invest-
                                                  association with you and
ment and economic growth. Critical
                                                  with [former Agriculture
problems for governments include
                                                  Secretary] Orville Freeman.”
managing revenues from natural re-
                                                  (Freeman and McNamara
sources and raising revenue via
                                                  both served in the Kennedy
                                                  and Johnson cabinets.)                     THE FUTURIST on “The Popula-
   On the issue of taxes, the experts
                                                     McNamara expressed reserva-             tion Explosion” (November-
suggested casting a wider net, such
                                                  tions, however, due to being               December 1992).
as instituting more property taxes,
                                                  “heavily overcommitted” at that               Widely known as the “architect”
but also making the links between
                                                  time; he offered to join the board on      of U.S. involvement in the Viet-
taxation and expenditure transparent,
                                                  a trial basis: “If, at the end of one or   nam War, McNamara attemp
Description: Former US Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara died on Jul 6, 2009, at his home in Washington, DC. He was 93. McNamara was a member of the World Future Society Global Advisory Council and Board of Directors, invited by a fellow board member, Nobel Prize winning chemist Glenn T. Seaborg, to join in early 1983. Widely known as the "architect" of US involvement in the Vietnam War, McNamara attempted to share the lessons he learned.
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