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Opening Up the Shut-Down Learner                                                           learners in small classes or in one-
                                                                                           on-one settings. The lessons would
By Rick Docksai                                                                            be supplemented by classes steeped
                                                                                           in lively visual and spatial exercises.
                                                                                              “Building, creating, taking things
                                                                                           apart and putting them back together
More visuals and less text                                                                 will keep them connected much
is the key to helping many                                                                 more than sitting in seven excruciat-
                                                                                           ing classes a day of academics,”
underperforming students                                                                   Selznick writes.
                                                                                              Growing numbers of teachers to-
learn better, says a school                                                                day say that they struggle to sustain
psychologist.                                                                              the attentions of many of their stu-
                                                                                           dents. Selznick’s text is very timely,
                                                                                           offering teachers and parents educa-
  Four out of every 10 American stu-
                                                                                           tional tools that could better engage
dents in elementary school today
                                                                                           children of many backgrounds and
might give up on learning well be-
                                                                                           learning types.
fore graduation time, according to                The Shut-Down Learner:
school psychologist Richard Selznick.             Helping Your Academi-
They will disconnect from teachers,                                                        About the Reviewer
                                                  cally Discouraged Child                  Rick Docksai is a staff editor for THE
tune out of class, and simply “shut
                                                  by Richard Selznick. Sentient Publica-   FUTURIST and World Future Review.
down” as students. In The Shut-Down
                                                  tions, www.sentientpublications.com.
Learner, Selznick tells parents and
                                                  2009. 160 pages. Paperback. $15.95.
teachers what they can do to re-
engage them.                                                                               Healing Habitats
  “The shut-down learners that I
have known are incredibly talented                                                         By Aaron M. Cohen
and misunderstood. Sadly, many of               the letter- and language-related activi-
them are casualties of school,”                 ties, she became much more fidgety
Selznick writes.                                and restless. I had to help her to stay    A team of urban designers
  Selznick has counseled thousands              on task and not give up readily.
                                                                                           explores the “therapeutic
of young people with learning chal-
                                              Shut-down learners constitute
lenges. Almost all of his patients
                                            about 40% of the U.S. population,
share two common traits: high
                                            says Selznick. We often diagnose
visual-spatial skills—i.e., strength in                                                    Urban Design: Health and the Therapeutic
                                            them with attention-deficit-hyperac-           Environment by Cliff Moughtin, Kate
“hands-on” activities—and poor lan-
                                            tivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia             McMahon Moughtin, and Paola Signoretta.
guage skills. They are adept at build-
                                            and prescribe them medications.                Elsevi
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