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                           Blue Collar and Proud of             prompt communities to under-           Climate Change: Simple
                           It: The All-in-One Re-               take more “self-help.”                 Things You Can Do to
                           source for Finding Free-                Ascher further describes the        Make a Difference
                           dom, Financial Success,              strategies that successful non-
                                                                                                       by Jon Clift and Amanda Cuthbert.
                           and Security Outside the             governmental organizations
                                                                                                       Chelsea Green Publishing. 2009.
                           Cubicle                              employ to raise public interest
                                                                                                       91 pages. Paperback. $7.95.
                                                                in their causes, and the role
                           by Joe Lamacchia and Bridget
                                                                they should play in encourag-             Anyone can curb climate
                           Samburg. HCI. 2009. 420 pages.
                                                                ing reform of the economy and          change, according to environ-
                           Paperback. $15.95.
                                                                government. Not all “far-              mental consultant Clift and
                              We do our youth a disservice      sighted” actions are workable,         freelance writer Cuthbert. They
                           when we tell them they have to       however, according to Ascher.          present a comprehensive guide
                           go to college to be successful,      Leaders have to determine what         to decreasing the carbon foot-
                           says landscaping-company di-         will be most effective in given        print of everyday activities. In
                           rector Lamacchia. As a success-      circumstances. He describes the        concisely written, illustrated
                           ful entrepreneur who never           psychology behind actual hu-           chapters, they list suggestions
                           went to college, he testifies that   man decision making and some           for heating and insulating a
                           there are many gratifying and        general guidelines that can help       house to reduce energy usage;
                           exciting career paths one can        leaders plan accordingly.              ways to use less electricity
                           find without a four-year degree                                             while cooking, refrigerating
                           and the mountain of student-                                                food, or washing dishes; and
                           loan debt that goes with it.                                                overviews on new solar and
                           Moreover, these careers are ne-      Chaotics: The Business of              wind generators that can be in-
                           cessities, he argues: Society is     Managing and Marketing                 stalled on household rooftops.
                           facing shortages of skilled elec-    in the Age of Turbulence               Looking beyond the home, they
                           tricians, plumbers, construction                                            show how readers can mini-
                                                                by Philip Kotler and John A.
                           workers, and other tradespersons                                            mize the carbon impact of their
                                                                Caslione. AMACOM. 2009. 206
                           precisely because we have pushed                                            shopping, transit, and vacation
                                                                pages. $25.
                           young people into college and                                               travel.
                           white-collar professions.               Businesses need new ap-
                              Lamacchia describes the           proaches to dealing with un-
                           many opportunities available         certainty, argue marketing pro-
                           for those who want to explore        fessor Kotler and business             The Day We Found the
                           blue-collar professions and the      strategist Caslione. Tradition-        Universe
                           resources available to them.         ally, they say, a business would
                                                                                                       by Marcia Bartusiak. Pantheon.
                           “White-collar” readers are wel-      devise one strategy for prosper-
                                                                                                       2009. 337 pages. $27.95.
                           come, also—it’s never too late       ity and a Plan B — e.g., staff cuts,
                           to change direction!                 price slashes, and draw-downs             The universe may have be-
                                                                in product development—for             gun with a big bang, but land-
                                                                periods of recession. Not only         mark scientific discoveries
                                                                will this old approach not work        about the universe only come
                           Bringing in the Future:              anymore, but it will also be haz-      about after many little bangs,
                           Strategies for Farsighted-           ardous to a business’s long-           according to science writer
                           ness and Sustainability in           term viability. Companies will         Bartusiak. She tells the story of
                           Developing Countries                 only prosper if they can manage        Edwin Hubble’s discovery that
                                                                both risk and opportunity si-          our universe is at least trillions
                           by William Ascher. University of
                                                                multaneously and continuously.         of times bigger than the Milky
                           Chicago Press. 2009. 328 pages.
                                                                   The authors present a com-          Way, and the subsequent obser-
                           Paperback. $27.50.
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