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Bobo's Oat Bars, a Boulder-based producer of vegan breakfast/energy bars, will offer its "mostly organic" product nationally.Bobo's, founded Beryl Stafford, has a 3800 sq. ft. facility, and its annual sales exceed over 750,000 units. It distributes nationally to natural grocers, coffee shops and other retailers. Customers can view a list of retailers at the company's Web site - - under the "Store Locator" link. Bobo's Oat bars come in a variety of flavors: apricot, banana, chocolate, cinnamon raisin, coconut, cranberry, peanut butter, almond, original and strawberry. Bobos bars are wheat free and vegan,low-glycemic and contain no trans fats.

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									    Bobo's Oat Bars on review!

    Hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA- it’s been busy here. I did talk to my boss about the job
    being way too stressful and he seemed to understand- the only thing is he asked that I stay
    on a little longer until we move into the new office, so I will try to do that. I am going to be
    applying for several jobs today-one bad thing about my current job is that there are no
    benefits and then the stress on top of that-so I definitely want a job that has benefits like
    401K, medical/dental, Vacation, etc.

    Anyway, other than that I have been busy- Saturday, I did some online ordering- nutritional
    yeast, digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural mascara, melatonin, etc. So much easier than
    running to the store and having to pick up those things. I’ve also been doing some yard
    work- I weeded out our garden and mowed the lawn with our new reel mower. It cost as
    much as a regular push mower but at least we won’t have to keep doing maintenance- we
    are just getting tired of shelling out money and wasting time on things that don’t work- I
    am sure you guys know what I mean.

    We went to Home Depot and purchased the Scotts mower with the bagger. I was very
    excited to try it out! Let me tell you, my shirt was soaked through by the end- this is
    definitely a calorie burner- it’s perfect for small yards like ours, but I would not suggest it
    for big yards or if you don’t like sweating     I’m just happy that the grass is finally mowed,
    it was starting to drive me a little batty.

    And a few garden pictures..

    I have watermelon! I’m so excited- obviously they still have a long way to go but I can’t
    wait to eat some!

    Our corn is also getting pretty tall- last year the corn didn’t grow well, so I’m curious to see
    how it does this year.
    The bellpeppers are doing really great, but our squash didn’t do well this year.

    Plans for today:

      Make Raw crackers in the dehydrator
      Juice watermelon for the week
      Weed flower beds
      Go walking
      Paint bathroom trim
      Call and make hair appt. for tomorrow
      Spa treatments- facial, hair tx, mani/pedi
      Pack Gym bag for this week
      Give Roscoe a bath
    I also have a couple of products that I have reviewed lately.
Bobo’s Oat Bars sent me a sampler pack of their bars to review.

Bobo’s Oat Bars are the culmination of Beryl Stafford’s love for nutrition, wellness and life.
Named for her daughter, whom she affectionately calls “Bobo,” these bars symbolize the
very things Beryl cherishes as a mother and an entrepreneur: all natural ingredients,
delicious taste, exceptional packaging, iconic design and flavors that evoke the essence of
nature. With nine flavors currently available - and other flavors in review - Bobo’s Oat Bars
are popular with a diverse group of consumers nationwide — parents, athletes,
professionals and “foodies” all celebrate the beautiful simplicity of this acclaimed brand.

I loved these bars- they were very filling and delicious as well- my favorite was definitely
the coconut bar. They also have additional flavors such as cranberry, apricot, banana,
strawberry, etc. I love that these bars are all natural, wheat free, vegan, dairy free, with no
gmo’s or refined sugars. They can be purchased at Whole Foods as well as some health food
stores. These bars make the perfect snack- for work, the gym, etc.

Edward and Sons also sent me a few sampler products to review. They are a vegetarian
company that offer a range of healthy products.

The brown rice snaps were amazing with hummus! I love that they offer gluten free
crackers since I have a gluten allergy.

At Edward & Sons we believe that everybody is different and every body has
different needs, a point that is often overlooked by conventional food companies
who cater solely to “mainstream” customers. We shun artificial ingredients and
preservatives. We prefer simple, wholesome, minimally processed ingredients crafted by
artisans to achieve great taste without artificial enhancements. Since any ingredient may
present a problem for someone, we select each ingredient with care, ever mindful of our
most sensitive customers. As such, you will find our products on the “approved” lists of
many dietary associations, weight loss organizations, and food allergy groups. Edward &
Sons’ items may be enjoyed by those whose diets are guided by religion or philosophy, such
as Kosher observers, Seventh Day Adventists, and vegans, as well as those who employ
diet as a tool to manage health issues, including celiac sprue, candida albicans, autism,
ADHD, soy or lactose intolerance.

I love that Edward and Sons offer products for special diets- like dairy free, gluten free, etc
and make it easy to find on their website. They also seem to have pretty low prices and I
will definitely be ordering some things from their site - this is very convenient for someone
like myself who lives in a small town where you can’t find certain items.

Do you ever order specialty products online that you can’t find or because it’s less

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