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      20 Renal & Urology News                     JULY 2009

      New Vaccine continued from page 1               Medicine in St. Louis, said the             At the recent annual meeting of the    months). The vaccine, which is ad-
                                                      study findings are encouraging.           American Urological Association in       ministered as an IV infusion, im-
      Director of the Lank Center for                 “Castrate-resistant prostate cancer       Chicago, investigators reported prom-    proved three-year survival by 38%
      Genitourinary Oncology at Dana-                 has been notoriously difficult to         ising findings regarding Provenge, the   (31.7% vs. 23%) and reduced the
      Farber Cancer Institute, both in                treat,” Dr. Andriole told Renal &         first immunotherapeutic vaccine for      risk of death by 22.5% compared
      Boston. “To see this extent of im-              Urology News. “If these survival data     advanced prostate cancer. Results        with placebo. The vaccine did not
      provement in overall survival is very           are confirmed in a phase 3 trial and      from the Immunotherapy for Prostate      significantly delay time to progres-
      encouraging. These phase 2 data                 the observed side effects of therapy      Adenocarcinoma Treatment study—          sion. Adverse events observed more
      with Prostvac warrant confirmation              remain low, it will be a pleasant prob-   a randomized, double-blind, placebo-     commonly in vaccine-treated patients
      with a phase 3 study,” he said.                 lem to decide whether to use this         controlled trial involving 512 men—      were chills, fever, and headache.
        The trial enrolled 125 patients               agent or Provenge, if it is approved,     showed that vaccine recipients sur-      These events were mainly low-grade
      (mean age 73 years) who were ran-               as the initial therapy for men with   
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