The Tenure Process in LIS: A Survey of LIS/IS Program Directors by ProQuest


This survey addressed the experience of receiving tenure through the personal narratives of directors of Library and Information Science schools in the USA. Fifty-five respondents were asked, based on their experience, to rank the emphasis of the variables operating in tenure. Participants agreed that the granting of autonomy via tenure was an opportunity to exercise academic freedom. With tenure came the responsibility to contribute as a citizen of the institutional and disciplinary communities of the profession. The most prominent factor in determining tenure and promotion decisions for LIS faculty is demonstration of research productivity through peer-reviewed publications: articles, books and conference proceedings. Teaching and service are also important components of academic life. It was found that collaboration underpinned collegiality and created an environment conducive to research. In turn, the stability and collegiality of a tenured position made the institution work as a teaching and learning environment. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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