; Codexis names vice presidents
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Codexis names vice presidents


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									                                                                                       432             inform July 2009, Vol. 20 (7)

People News/                                                             New officers for soyfoods
Inside AOCS                                                              The Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA), a nonprofit
                                                                         trade association promoting soy food consumption, has new offi-
                                                                         cers. Mohammed Obanni, senior director of research and develop-
                                                                         ment and quality assurance of Hain-Celestial Group (Melville, New

Ahmed to become                                                          York, USA), has assumed the role of president. Aaron Skyberg of
                                                                         SK Food International (Fargo, North Dakota, USA) is vice-presi-
Tate & Lyle CEO                                                          dent for the 2009–2010 term.
                                                                              The organization works to establish and adopt industry stan-
On April 10, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper                              dards for soy foods and to focus on the acceptance of soy foods by
reported that Tate & Lyle (London) had hired                             various state and federal agencies, for example, in federal nutrition
a recruitment firm to search for a new chief                             programs.
executive officer (CEO) to replace Iain Fer-
guson. Ferguson had been under fire in recent
months owing to disappointing company earnings. Another setback          Biotechnology
is that Tate & Lyle received a legal decision in April that it cannot
prevent Chinese copies of its sucralose sweetener Splenda.
                                                                         Heritage Award to
     Javed Ahmed, currently head of Reckitt Benckiser’s European
business, will take over from Ferguson by November 15, 2009. He
                                                                         Monsanto’s Fraley
has been with Reckitt for 17 years. Ahmed is expected to lead Tate       At the 10th annual Biotechnology Indus-
& Lyle in its efforts to reduce its dependence on sugar.                 try Organization (BIO) convention held in
                                                                         Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Robert T. Fraley

Codexis names vice
                                                                         was presented the 2009 Biotechnology Heritage Award by the
                                                                         Chemical Heritage Foundation and BIO on May 20. He is pres-

presidents                                                               ently executive vice president and chief technology officer at the
                                                                         Monsanto Company (St. Louis, Missouri, USA).
Codexis (Redw
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