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					inform July 2009, Vol. 20 (7)                421

                                                                                                         2009). At the time, ANZ announced that
                                                                                                         there had been no operational problems
                                                                                                         during the 2-hour test flight from Auckland,
                                                                                                         which was powered by a 50/50 blend of
                                                                                                         jatropha-based fuel and standard jet fuel.
                                                                                                               ANZ released the analysis of scientific
                                                                                                         data gathered during the flight at the end of
                                                                                                         May. Extrapolation from the results showed
                                                                                                         that fuel burn could be reduced by 1.2% and
                                                                                                         carbon dioxide emissions by 60–75% on an
                                                                                                         average 12-hour 747 flight compared with a
                                                                                                         flight powered by 100% standard jet fuel.
                                                                                                               ANZ wants to use 10% alternative
                                                                                                         fuels (for flights and ground operations)
                                                                                                         by 2013, but ANZ General Manager-Oper-
                                                                                                         ations and Chief Pilot Dave Morgan told

                                                                                     Bayer CropScience
                                                                                                         ATW Online (
                                                                                                         html?storyID=16733) that jatropha may
                                                                                                         not be the most nearly ideal feedstock for
                                                                                                         ANZ because it cannot be grown in New

  Are jatropha advantages                                                                                      The New York Times (www.nytimes.
  overstated?                                                                                            plant-derived-fuels-could-be-certified-
                                                                                                         for-fli-24118.html) quoted Bill Glover,
  Indian experience with jatropha has found that the plants do indeed grow in                            managing director of environmental strat-
  wastelands, but if high yield is to be achieved the plants must be cared for,                          egy for Boeing Commercial Airlines, as
  according to Suman Jha, a researcher with R.R. Shah at Navsari Agricultural                            saying that jet fuels derived from algae,
  University (Gujarat, India).                                                                           camelina, and jatropha could be approved
                                                                                                         and be replacing petroleum fuels as early
        A jatropha farm was established in 2005 on
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