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									                                                                                          inform July 2009, Vol. 20 (7)                  419

The National Renewable Energy Labo-
                                               Biofuels News
ratory (Golden, Colorado, USA) has
issued an online interactive map of
the 2,000-plus service stations in the
United States that supply E85 (85%
ethanol, 15% gasoline). Also plotted
on the map are all the ethanol biore-
fineries across the country, as well
those under construction. There is
also a map for biodiesel facilities. The
maps may be accessed at http://rpm.
The European Algae Biomass Associa-
tion (EABA) had its official debut early
in June with its Conference & General
Assembly, held in Florence, Italy. The
organization was founded to foster
synergies among science and indus-
try, while cooperating with decision-
makers to promote the development
in research and technology regarding
algae. The organization wants to find
ways to bring the price of algal biomass
down to an economical level and to
produce a reliable, quality product.
                                                                                                taking 58 million cars off the road for an
The EABA web site is www.eaba-asso-                                    GENERAL                                          entire year” and is equivalent to reducing
                                                                                                US carbon emissions by 900 million metric
PetroAlgae (Melbourne, Florida, USA),
one of the better-capitalized compa-
                                               New US fuel                                           The price of a car may increase by

                                                                                                $600 in response to these new standards,
nies trying to make it big in the algae-                                                        in addition to the $700 increase expected
to-biofuels market, has appointed
three executives to staff an office in         standards                                        under the 2007 law. However, Obama coun-
                                                                                                tered that a driver could save $2,800 owing
Washington, DC, “to work closer with                                                            to the improved gas mileage.
                                               US President Barack Obama announced a
the Obama administration, Congress,            national policy to increase fuel efficiency
nonprofit groups and the business
community to help reduce America’s
                                               for all new vehicles sold in the country
                                               beginning in 2012. The new standards will
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