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Nth Annual Practical Short Course on Texturized Vegetable Protein & Other Soy Products, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. September 16-18, 2009. oils+fats, International Trade Fair for the Production and Processing of Oils and Fats Made from Renewable Resources, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich-Riem, Germany. International Forum on Emerging Technologies in Food Processing - Providing a Secure and Safe Food Supply, Campbell Alumni Center, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA. 9th AOCS Practical Edible Oil Refining Short Course, Process Optimization, Equipment and Technology Selection, and On-Line Process Control, Sydney, Australia.

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									                                                                                                 404             inform July 2009, Vol. 20 (7)

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus:
James B.M. Rattray                                                                                        Bold type: new listing
                                                                                                          For details on these and other upcoming
                                                                                                          meetings, visit www.aocs.org/meetings.
Contributing Editors:
Rajiv Arora          Keshun Liu
W.E. Artz
Scott Bloomer
                     Mark Messina
                     Robert Moreau
                                                                            August                                  September
Eduardo Dubinsky     D.J. Murphy                            August 2–4, 2009. 5th Annual Practical        September 1–5, 2009. 50th International
Walter E. Farr       Willem van                             Short Course on Water Issues & Tech-          Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids,
Anu Hopia               Nieuwenhuyzen                       nologies, College Station, Texas, USA.        Regensburg, Germany. Information: e-mail:
Y.-S. (Vic) Huang    Brent Sorensen                         Information: http://foodprotein.tamu.edu/     info.icbl@klinik.uni-regensburg.de; www.
S.P. Kochhar         T. Thiagarajan                         separations/scwater.php.                      icbl2009.de.
Gary List
                                                            August 10 –15, 2009. World Soybean            September 9–15, 2009. FEBS Advanced
                                                            Research Conference VIII / Soybean            Course: Lipid Signaling and Disease, Hotel
Editorial Advisory Board:
                                                            Industry Forum, Yayuncun (Asian Games         Mara, Ortona, Italy. Information: www.
Michael Eskin        Hans Nieuwenhuis
                                                            Village), Beijing, China. Information: www.   negrisud.it/febs2009.
Michael Haas         Fereidoon Shahidi
Arnis Kuksis         Bernard Szuhaj
                                                                                                          September 13–16, 2009. AACC Inter-
Robert Moreau
                                                            August 16–20, 2009. 238th National            national Annual Meeting 2009, Balti-
                                                            Meeting of the American Chemical              more Convention Center, Baltimore,
AOCS Officers:                                              Society, Washington, DC. Informa-             Maryland USA. Information: http://
President: Ian Purtle, Cargill, Minneapolis, Min-           tion: http://portal.acs.org/portal/           meeting.aaccnet.org.
   nesota, USA                                              Navigate?nodeid=2053.
Vice President: J. Keith Grime, JKG Consulting,                                                           September 13 –16, 20 09. 123rd
   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA                                    August 23–28, 2009. 11th Annual               AOAC Annual Meeting & Exposi-
Secretary: Steven E. Hill, Kraft Foods, Glen-               Practical Short Course on Textur-             tion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
   view, Illinois, USA                                      ized Vegetable Protein & Other Soy            USA. Information: www.aoac.org/
Treasurer: Timothy Kemper, Desmet Ballestra                 Products, Texas A&M University,               meetings1/123rd _ annual _ mtg /
   North America, Inc., Marietta, Georgia,                  College Station, Texas, USA. Infor-           main_2.htm.
   USA                                                      mation: e-mail: mnriaz@tamu.edu;
Executive Vice President: Jean Wills, AOCS,                 http://foodprotein.tamu.edu/extru-            September 15–17, 2009. HBA Expo, Jacob
   Urbana, Illinois, USA                                    sion/sctvp.php.                               Javits Center, New York City, USA. Infor-
                                                                                                          mation: www.hbaexpo.com.
                                                            August 24–25, 2009. 4th Practical Short
AOCS Staff:                                                 Course on Functional Oils: Omega-3 Fatty      September 16–18, 2009. oils+fats, Inter-
Area Manager,                                               Acids. Market Trends, Nutrition & Health,     national Trade Fair for the Production and
  Publications:             Jack Wolowiec                   Utilization in Food Systems, Courtyard        Processing of Oils and Fats Made from
Managing Editor:            Jeremy Coulter                  Marriott Chicago Downtown, Chicago,           Renewable Resources, New Munich Trade
Associate Editor:           Catherine Watkins               Illinois, USA. Information: www.bioac-        Fair Centre, Munich-Riem, Germany. Infor-
Technical                                                   tivesworld.com; www.smartshortcourses.        mation: www.oils-and-fats.com.
  Projects Editor:          Marguerite Torrey               com.
Design & Layout:            Gretchen Wieshuber                                                            September 21–23, 2009. Atlantic Bioen-
                                                                                                          ergy Conference 2009, Delta Beauséjour,
                                                                                                          Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Infor-
Index to advertisers                                                                                      mation: www.atlanticbioenergy.ca.

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