; Syphilis returns to heterosexual population
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Syphilis returns to heterosexual population


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									newsline0709_v2.qxp     6/25/2009      3:34 PM     Page 10

      Syphilis returns to heterosexual population
      CONTRARY to a recent trend,             the city of Birmingham.The num-
      syphilis may no longer be primari-      ber of cases was also declining,with
      ly linked to homosexual encoun-         only nine cases reported in 2002.
      ters, CDC investigators conclude.         Both trends reversed between
      In Jefferson County, Ala., almost       2005 and 2007. The proportion
      nine out of 10 new cases involved       of cases attributable to MSM
      heterosexual patients.                  dropped to 12.3% while the pro-
        Public health officials elsewhere     portion of heterosexual cases rose
      in the nation “should remain alert      to 87.7%.The overall number of
      for similar epidemiological shifts,”    cases rose to 238 in 2006 before
      the authors recommend (MMWR.            dropping to 167 in 2007.               A rash on the         Meanwhile, the U.S. Preventive
      2009;58:463-467).                         Women also comprise a larger         hand may be a       Services Task Force recently re-
        During the first half of this         share of new syphilis cases in the     sign of syphilis.   newed its recommendation that
      decade, men having sex with men         South,the CDC reports.After de-                            all pregnant women be screened
      (MSM) accounted for almost half         clining for more than 10 years,                            for the disease at their first prena-
      (46.3%) of all new syphilis cases in    syphilis cases in women increased                          tal visit (Ann Intern Med. 2009;
      Jefferson County, which includes        by 69% between 2003 and 2007.                              150:705-709).

      Gastroesophageal reflux doesn’t cause asthma
      A NEW study debunks the theory                                Asthma guidelines suggest anti-      tomatic GER is not a likely cause
      that acid reflux is partially respon-                      reflux treatment for individuals        of poorly controlled asthma.”
      sible for triggering severe asthma                         with poorly controlled asthma and         The CV study,presented in May
      symptoms — while other research                            silent GER, but this suggestion is      at the Society for Cardiovascular
      indicates that reflux drugs may                            mainly based on findings regarding      Angiography and Interventions

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