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									22 | DMNEWS | July 27, 2009 |

FedEx among the marketers taking Events, social                                                                                                                  database of potential event invitees and

advantage of low online video costs media key pubs’
                                                                                                                                                                 other community information. Often,
                                                                                                                                                                 Greenberg explained, events are planned
                                                                                                                                                                 around geography rather than a particular
‘FedEx’ continued from cover
                                    new strategies
TV spend into online video, as reported by
                                                               Online video ad spending overall is on
                                                             a healthy growth trajectory. Spending on
                                                                                                                                                                 target demographic, but the BMG Experi-
                                                                                                                                                                 ential is prepared to do more targeting and
DMNews’ sister title, UK-based Campaign.                     video advertising increased 81% to $734           ‘Print’ continued from cover                      help clients gather customer information at
  Part of the appeal of the channel is low costs.            million, according to eMarketer, and a 45%        Offerings will include sampling, guerilla         events, if that is the goal.
Average pre-roll costs per thousand (CPM)                    increase is expected in 2009. EMarketer           marketing and consulting.                           Washington Post Co., too, is reaching
were down by 10.4% in the second quarter of                  predicts by 2013, online video ads will              “We saw an enormous amount of interest         beyond print revenue with a relaunch and
2009 compared with the same period a year                    bring in $4.1 billion in spending. That           in doing these experiential activities, some-     expansion of its 2007 acquisition, CourseAd-
ago, according to Brightroll, an online video                number includes in-stream (pre-roll and           times instead of doing a print buy at all, and    visor. Rebranded as Avenue100, the online
ad network. Third-quarter data suggests pric-                overlays), as well as in-banner and in-text       the market for events marketing is exploding      lead generation company is looking to
ing will continue its downward trend.                        (ads delivered when users mouse over              for companies of all sizes while other areas of   expand its client roster from schools and
                                                             relevant words).                                  marketing tactics are not,” said Ilyse Green-     education services to financial aid providers
Brightroll CEO Ted Sacerdoti said pre-rolls                                                                    berg, senior manager at the Boston Globe. “I      and recruitment firms. It’s also pushing into
are “overpriced.” The average CPM is around                    Each of FedEx’s self-referential videos         think this is a natural offshoot because we
$20. As a direct response vehicle, Sacerdoti                 focuses on a specific product or service,         offer a wide variety of tools and ways of
said video “is too expensive today.                          such as FedEx Mobile, FedEx International,        reaching target audiences in the area.”
   “We’ve run a lot of campaigns that have                   FedEx Office and                          Boston Globe Media’s sales department           An awful lot of CPG
some form of direct response metric and it                     “Long-form allowed us to go into more           has had a Boston Globe Events group in             companies are
tends to be expensive relative to other online               detail,” Pacheco explained. “You’re able to       place for a while. BGM Experiential takes
media,” he added. “We’ll see more dollars                    impart so much more communication.”               the idea one step further by offering stand-
                                                                                                                                                                  interested in what
come in [from direct response campaigns]                       Pacheco said online video was natural for       alone events marketing, rather than selling        we’re doing on the
as the price falls, but I don’t see that hap-                the push: “The at-work audience is critical to    events as a combination buy.                       experiential side.
pening yet.”                                                 our success. We know these folks are consum-         The events group has already worked                           Ilyse Greenberg, senior
   Andrea Kerr Redniss, SVP and manag-                       ing a lot of video, and lunchtime is the new      with Mini Cooper, creating a brand pres-                         manager, Boston Globe
ing director, digital, at Optimedia, a media                 primetime.” People might work through lunch,      ence at the Boston Marathon, a relationship
buying agency, said she sees pre-roll CPMs                   he noted, but will also be looking for a diver-   it expects to continue. Greenberg said she
coming down, and that makes the medium                       sion on their computer during that time.          saw a lot of opportunity with national CPG        e-mail, database, analytics and search mar-
more attractive to marketers.                                  Greg Hahn, executive creative director at       clients, who have not worked with BGM             keting services and has hired a social media
   “Marketers are investing in it,” she said.                BBDO New York, said the campaign is a             before but have expressed interest in creat-      planner to build its presence on Facebook
It’s becoming an easier place to put money                   good way to convey a lot of information,          ing live, local events.                           and Twitter. Chairman and co-founder Greg
and a safer place to put money.”                             the breadth of services FedEx offers beyond          “We want both local and national clients       Titus said that Avenue100 brings in $5 mil-
   “You have a number of different outlets                   shipping, to its target audience.                 who want an expert in reaching a target           lion in revenue per month, and handles
across the Web to buy long form content.                       “We thought that infomercials would be          audience,” Greenberg explained. “We’re            about $2 million in media buys.
Now that it’s so similar to TV, marketers will               a good medium to get that information             finding that an awful lot of 
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