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									16 | DMNEWS | July 27, 2009 |

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new lists                                         Selects: 3.5 million universe                  Phone: 954/480-8470                             inserts
                                                  Contact: Your list broker or Knowledge-        Fax: 954/480-8489
IMS Asian American Credit Applicants              Base Marketing, 2050 N. Greenville Ave.,       E-mail:
Interactive Marketing Solutions                   Richardson, TX 75082
Description: This file contains Asian Amer-       Phone: 972/664-3600                            Pre-Movers
ican consumers nationwide who are active-         Fax: 972/664-3656                              List Service Direct Inc.
ly seeking more credit. They have searched        E-mail:                         Description: This file contains homeown-
for credit offers online or responded to a                                                       ers who are selling their homes and pre-
direct mail solicitation offering credit. Aver-   NCS Catalog Buyers                             paring to move into a new home, condo,
age age of prospects is 42, and average           The Information Refinery                       townhouse or apartment within 90 days
income is $69,000.                                Description: This file contains buyers of      from when the records are added to the
Selects: 180,000 universe                         promotional products for apparel and gift      file. This list is compiled from a variety of
Contact: Your list broker or Interactive          retail stores. Items include signs and sign    national homes for sale by owners, news-
Marketing Solutions, 233 W. Route 59,             holders, banners, merchandise displays,        paper listings, online sites, direct mail and
Nanuet, NY 10954                                  pegboards, shelf dividers and extenders        telemarketing response, as well as propri-
Phone: 845/624-1155                               and security products.                         etary sources.
Fax: 845/624-4890                                 Selects: 26,183 universe                       Selects: 966,812 universe
E-mail:               Contact: Your list broker or The Informa-      Contact: Your list broker or List Service
                                                  tion Refinery, 200 Route 17, Mahwah, NJ        Direct Inc., 2 Christie Heights St., Leonia,
Big Profits Little Time Opportunity               07430                                          NJ 07605
Macromark                                         Phone: 800/529-2600                            Phone: 201/585-1447
Description: This file contains buyers of         Fax: 201/529-4030                              Fax: 201/585-1732
the Big Profits Little Time Opportunity           E-mail:            E-mail:
business coach program. Unit of sale is
$39, and buyers are equally split between         Cadalyst                                       Joseph Turner
male and female.                                  Statlistics                                    Ballard Direct
Selects: 9,861 universe                           Description: This file contains the primar-    Description: This file contains buyers from
Contact: Your list broker or Macromark,           ily corporate and senior management            the Joseph Turner catalog, which attracts
185 Route 312, Brewster, NY 10509                 readers of a bimonthly publication covering    upscale men with an eye for style, quality
Phone: 845/230-6300                               engineering and CAD management. These          and value. Spending an average of $160,
Fax: 845/278-0650                                 include persons in the architecture, engi-     these buyers purchase shirts, ties, blazers,    Victorian Trading Co. Catalog Blow-In
E-mail:                       neering, construction, GIS and manufac-        suits, shoes and outerwear. Virtually all pay   Leon Henry Inc.
                                                  turing industries. More than 90% of these      by credit card. The typical Joseph Turner       Description: Inserts reach shoppers from
Zencore Plus Potency Buyers                       subscribers have indicated that they plan      customer is 40 to 65 years of age, a mar-       the Victorian Trading Co. catalog. These
Impulse Media                                     to buy CAD products, computer periph-          ried homeowner, and a highly educated           are mail order buyers of fashion, bath and
Description: This file contains buyers of         erals, mechanical, graphic design and          professional with an average household          beauty products; books; music; jewelry;
Zencore Plus, a natural herbal supplement         visualization software, printers, plotters,    income of $100,000.                             collectibles; gifts; holiday cards and statio-
that enhances male sexual performance.            monitors and high speed Internet access        Selects: 3,765 universe                         nery. The file is 79% female. Eighty-three
These male buyers are, on average, more           within the next 12 months.                     Contact: Your list broker or Ballard Direct,    percent of prospects are married.
than 40 years of age.                             Selects: 58,147 universe                       516 Pelhamdale Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803         Selects: 6.5 million universe
Selects: 52,575 universe                          Contact: Your list broker or Statlistics,      Phone
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