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									plication may be dismissed according         which reversed the appellate decision,
to the terms of his contract without go-     found an employee who was terminat-                                                ECONOMIC INDICATORS
ing through the grievance procedure          ed “during his probationary period did
called for in a collective bargaining        not have the right to access the griev-
agreement, according to a state Su-          ance provisions of the collective bar-
                                                                                                                                 New Jersey Contract Sales Activity
preme Court decision last week that          gaining agreement.” – Martin C. Daks                                                          2008 v 2009
overturned an appellate panel ruling.                                                                     8,000
      In August 2004, Juan Anaya ap-                                                                      7,000
plied for a position as a bus cleaner with
NJ Transit. The job, which was covered         The New Jersey stimulus program

                                                                                         Contract Sales

by a collective bargaining agreement         will fund nearly $1.2 billion in South                       5,000
with Amalgamated Transit Union, Lo-          Jersey projects from the state De-
cal 880, required applicants to disclose     partment of Transportation, Schools
any violations or other trouble with the     Development Authority and Board                              3,000
law and provided for dismissal for “any      of Public Utilities. A July 13 article,                      2,000
omission or willful misstatement.”           “South Jersey construction fueled by
      In September, NJ Transit hired         public sector,” was incorrect in identi-                     1,000
Anaya. But a month later, during a           fying the government source of stim-                            0
probation period, a background check         ulus funding for those projects.                                     JAN   FEB   MAR       APR      MAY       JUN         JUL       AUG        SEP        OCT       NOV        DEC
uncovered information “inconsistent          n Retired New Jersey Supreme Court

with his employment application,” and        Justice Gary Stein received approxi-                                                         2008 Contract Sales              2009 Contract Sales
NJ Transit fired him.                        mately $829,000 while he served as
                                                                                            Given that the definition of a housing recovery will be marked by more homes selling and fewer to choose from, the New Jersey
      Both an arbitrator and a superi-       the conservator overseeing the sale of
                                                                                            market is continuing toward stabilization. In May, contract sales continued to rise by equaling the pace from one year ago, and appear
or court judge sided with NJ Transit,        Tropicana Casino and Resort, and
                                                                                            poised to exceed last year’s sales pace soon. Such a breakthrough above the prior year’s pace has occurred three times in the past five
but an appellate panel ruled that sub-       his firm, Pashman Stein, received
                                                                                            years — in early 2007 and again in July 2007 — as the market attempted to stabilize before being swamped by mortgage foreclosures.
stantive arbitration qu
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