; Three Ways to Spruce Up Your Marketing - Instantly
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Three Ways to Spruce Up Your Marketing - Instantly


It's a bit of a philosophical question because your kneejerk reaction might be to point out that the people who didn't buy - uhhh - didn't buy. Fair enough. And good point. But don't assume that because somebody doesn't buy right away that they're not an excellent prospect to buy in the near to mediumrange future.

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									            E X T ER IOR CON T R AC TOR

                         Three Ways to Spruce
                         Up Your Marketing —
                         The 50 percent
                         improvement rule
                         By Rich Harshaw

                                                                    Now that Swan
                                                                    Secure is part of the
                                                                    Simpson Strong-Tie®

                                                 One Good Brand     family, we are combining
                                                                    our strengths to expand

                                                 Deserves Another   our offering of high-quality
                                                                    specialized fasteners.
                                                                    As we begin to transition Swan Secure products to the
                                                                    Simpson Strong-Tie brand, new boxes are going to be
                                                                    showing up on dealer shelves and job sites. Rest assured
                                                                    that these boxes contain the same high-grade corrosion-
                                                                    resistant fasteners you’ve relied on for years. And when
                                                                    it comes to our customers, we will continue to provide
                                                                    the same first-class service that both Swan Secure and
                                                                    Simpson Strong-Tie are known for.

                                                                    The new Simpson Strong-Tie® Specialized Fastener line
                                                                    includes a wide variety of stainless-steel screws and nails
                                                                    for just about any fastening project. Learn more by visiting
                                                                    www.strongtie.com/fasten or by calling (800) 999-5099.

© 2009 Simpson   Strong-Tie Company Inc. SWANBRD09
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          all it the “instant 50        with them? To find out exactly       $5,000 in advertising — not too               Here’s a breakdown.

 C        percent improvement
          rule.” You can make any
                                        how often, simply run your num-
                                        bers. And I’ll bet you a wooden
                                                                             shabby. But they could maximize
                                                                             it by spending more money on a
                                                                                                                       • The advertising cost per new
                                                                                                                         customer is $625 ($5,000 divid-
bedroom instantly look 50 percent       nickel that you can afford to fol-   follow-up system to convert the             ed by 8 customers).
cleaner just by making the bed.         low up more than you think.          other 17 prospects.                       • They still have 17 prospects,
You can make your office look 50            Look at it this way.
percent cleaner just by clearing all    You’re going to sell a
the junk off your desk. You can         certain percentage of
make your yard look 50 percent          your leads right away                                                        Home Improvement Company
better just by mowing the grass.
You can make yourself look 50
percent better just by styling your
                                        — these are the “now”
                                        buyers. So everyone who
                                        doesn’t buy can theo-
                                                                             Attention:                              Owners, Executives, and
                                                                                                                     Finance Managers
hair. You can make yourself look        retically be considered
50 percent more impressive just by
carrying a briefcase, etc.
                                        a “new prospect” from
                                        a willingness-to-spend-                READ THIS IF YOU NEED TO
    So here’s a question for you:       marketing-dollars-
what can you do to instantly            to-get-new-customers                   GET MORE OF YOUR DEALS
make your marketing look 50 per-        standpoint. If you count
cent better? What can you do to         the original marketing                APPROVED FOR FINANCING!
instantly make your marketing per-      dollars sunk on the peo-
form 50 percent better at the same      ple who buy, shouldn’t
time? Utilize the same underlying
principle. Identify an aspect of your
                                        you be willing to spend
                                        extra dollars to convert             In theopportunities to get your damaged-credit customers approved
                                                                                    home improvement industry, the cold reality is there are now
marketing that’s relatively simple to   those who didn’t buy
                                                                             for financing, and that’s likely costing you thousands of dollars in
improve that will make a big differ-    right away?                          lost revenue.
ence, then work on it.                      It’s a bit of a
    Here are three “instant 50          philosophical question               If you need to get more of your deals funded, we can help. Unlike
percent improvement rule” ideas         because your knee-                   other lenders, we want your “sub-prime” business.
that should perk up sales almost        jerk reaction might be
                                                                             In fact, our underwriters have been instructed to ignore FICO scores
immediately.                            to point out that the                and no equity is ever required. The result: More of your deals
                                        people who didn’t buy                will get approved and funded, so you’ve got more money to help
Instant Improvement Idea No. 1:         — uhhh — didn’t buy.                 you cover your expenses like payroll, supplies, commissions, and job
Get a Better Follow-up System.          Fair enough. And good                costs.
     Doing more with the leads          point. But don’t assume
your marketing c
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