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The Conversion Action Platform (CAP) is an online application that allows [Gerry Rogers] to see the effectiveness of all his marketing in real time. For a business owner that has much more to do than search for obscure analytics, this access has proven invaluable. Additionally, Gerry added, he uses the recorded phone calls to train new customer service associates, which has proven "invaluable."

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									 E X T ER IOR CON T R AC TOR

       Tracking for Profit
       How a window sales operation used marketing accountability to drive sales
       By Jeff O’Neill

                  or an entire industry of                      Split testing of advertising copy, pit-        “Things became ambiguous and              The results — compelling.

          F       home improvement enter-
                  prises, a typical kneejerk
                                                                ting one ad against another, listen-
                                                                ing to phone calls, and other mea-
                                                                                                          I couldn’t keep track of it anymore,”
                                                                                                          Rogers explained. “After 25 years,
                                                                                                                                                         So compelling, in fact, that
                                                                                                                                                    Gerry decided to up his ante. With
       reaction in a bad economy — this                         surements are the mode in which           things began to just start to run         the program, he was able to immedi-
       current economic disaster included                       enterprises can better understand         together and I needed clarity. People     ately understand that his marketing
       — is to start cost cutting. And, typi-                   how to make higher returns on their       would say they saw my trucks or they      investments were paying off.
       cally, the very things that fall under                   marketing budgets.                        saw me at a show or whatever, but we           Armed with data that essentially
       the axe are the very things that drive                       Up until this point, getting the      never really knew.”                       exposed his advertising’s effectiveness,
       profit — marketing.                                      data that actually mattered to busi-            He added, “CAP gave me the          Gerry went to the local television
            You see the problem with this                       ness owners — lead costs, closed          opportunity to take back control          affiliates with an offer: They would
       situation?                                               business to name a couple — was a         of the marketing dollars I was            be paid by the call only. After agree-
            There are several reasons behind                    tedious process. No longer.               spending.”                                ing on a call price, Gerry provided
       the measure. The most fundamen-                              The following is a story about             The Conversion Action Platform       access to the program’s dashboard so
       tal issue with marketing up to this                      a window retailer who found the           (CAP) is an online application that       that the television ad reps would be
       point is that business owners have                       way to higher profitability — in          allows Gerry to see the effectiveness     able to monitor their ad success.
       very little insight into how their                       this economy — through marketing          of all his marketing in real time. For         The result? Gerry went from
       marketing works for them. Because,                       accountability.                           a business owner that has much more       tracking three numbers initially to
       if they did, there would be a lot                            Gerry Rogers is a traditionalist      to do than search for obscure analyt-     now keeping a stable nearing 60
       fewer worried ad salesmen out there.                     — meaning, he doesn’t like to pay         ics, this access has proven invaluable.   numbers today. Every television spot,
            Marketing strategy for many                         for services that don’t return for        Additionally, Gerry added, he uses        every radio ad, all web sites — pretty
       business owners is primarily based                       his business.                             the recorded phone calls to train new     much every mark
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