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     Following is a sampling of new products
     in the toilet market.

     1. St. Thomas Creations’ Quattro Flushing Technology is one of the most
     advanced flushing systems on the market. Nearly every aspect of the process
     has been reengineered, virtually eliminating clogging. Quattro is available in                                                3
     35 water closet models. Shown here is the Arlington one-piece model.
     St. Thomas Creations. Circle 28
     2. The Sydney Smart from the Caroma line of dual flush toilets offers 0.8
     gpf and an optional larger flush of 1.28 gpf. It’s available in white and biscuit
     and Easy Height models.
     Caroma USA. Circle 29

     3. H2Option, a new flushing innovation from American Standard, is the first truly
     siphonic dual flush toilet, with strong push and pull action created by forceful but              4
     quiet jetted action under the rim. Using as little as 1.0 gal. of water on the low setting,                                        6
     H2Option scours the sides of the bowl to remove every last trace of paper and waste.
     American Standard. Circle 30

     4. The Saile one-piece toilet offers a seamless, contemporary design
     highlighted by the sleek, fully skirted trapway. The Saile Quiet-Close
     toilet seat with Quick-Release functionality further complements the
     design of the toilet and features Dual Flush technology.
     Kohler. Circle 31
     5. Aquia’s wall-hung toilet’s shape reflects the soft and delicate
     curves of nature that 
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