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									into the legal and legislative arenas.                       tensifying battle with those forces that seek to prevent the
      Jesus warned His followers to heed the “signs of the   Church from being the Church. It’s a battle that every
times.” The signs of our time are pointing toward an in-     Catholic who loves her must be prepared to fight.          n

guest                                                        they were so quiet that they were scarcely noticeable in
                                                             the daily hustle and bustle of campus life. What could be
                                                             the reason for such extreme measures if not to send a
                                                             message to “the One who is soon to come” that, in def-

                                                             erence to its guest, U.S. President Barack Obama, Notre
                                                             Dame would, like Georgetown, cover up any indicators
                                                             of Catholicism that might draw the attention of the me-
                                                             dia. Our tears were in part tears of mourning, as though
                                                             a loved one had died, but the sentiment went much
                                                             deeper. It was not just a sense of loss, but a sense of
                                                                    Fr. Edward Sorin established Notre Dame more
                                                             than 150 years ago as a place where the sons of poor
Notre Dame, R.I.P.                                           Catholic immigrants could grow in their knowledge of
                                                             God and their faith while maturing into adult Catholics
      I love Notre Dame — the Notre Dame that I knew.        prepared to live in the world as its “salt” and “light.” For
My father graduated from Notre Dame in 1930, and he          this they were scorned and derided as “fighting Irish,” an
was proud to send his sons there. It was there that I        epithet they proudly adopted as their logo. That name
matured in my faith and became devoted to the Blessed        identified them with oppressed Catholics everywhere
Mother. It was there that I met and courted the woman I      who, like generations of persecuted Catholics in Ireland,
married two months after my graduation. It was there         never compromised their faith or wavered in their wit-
that I formed permanent friendships that have endured        ness of it. Such was the basis for the much vaunted
for more than fifty years. But I am now convinced that       “Spirit of Notre Dame.”
the proudly Catholic university I have loved exists only            For more than 120 years, Fr. Sorin’s Notre Dame,
in memory.                                                   which he consecrated to the protection of Mary, the
      In May my wife and I were horrified and moved to       Mother of Jesus, formed thousands of faithful Catholic
tears at the video footage showing small groups of people    leaders. As the school grew in size and prominence, it
silently praying the Rosary being handcuffed and arrested    remained loyal to the Church, so that the terms “Catho-
by Notre Dame police. The “lawbreakers” were of varying      lic” and “Notre Dame” became almost synonymous in the
ages, some quite elderly, many of whom continued to          minds of Americans of all faiths. For those of
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