Richmond? Watch Your Language by ProQuest


Were I in Asia, there would be nothing incongruous about this scene, but I'm in Richmond, British Columbia, my hometown, just minutes away from four synagogues and the Richmond Jewish Day School, where my kids are in class at this moment. The city I call home is one of the most Asian-populated cities outside of Asia, with Caucasians constituting only 35 percent of the residents.Japanese and Chinese helped establish Richmond in the 1850s, seeking work in what was then the busiest fishing port in the world. While the Asian influence has helped shape the city's development and culture, it's far from the melting pot syndrome of the United States, where blending is the operative word.What, precisely, that is, I'm still trying to figure out, but it's comforting to know that Jews daven Shacharit just down the road from where Buddhists light fresh incense and kneel before gold statues.

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