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                                                                                  RE :TOOLING
      Rousing from a Slumber                                                      The PRM market—often seen as a quiet backwater—may
                                                                                  be entering a revival, particularly among B2Bs

      P A R T N E R R E L A T I O N S H I P M A N A G E M E N T (PRM) is pretty         starting to creep up. “We are seeing          >> IN A PERFECT WORLD…
      much what it sounds like: the strategies, processes, and software                 software-as-a-service gaining traction           ...the core set of functionality
      tools to organize and optimize external relationships. And though                 in this space,” Band notes.                      in a PRM solution should
      PRM’s goal is to “close the loop” between you and the other com-                     Alvarez says the rise of on-demand            include the following:
      panies you deal with—ensuring success across the extended busi-                   players reflects a prior pain point that             set-up and configuration;
      ness ecosystem—the surprise is that the PRM market only makes                     had contributed to PRM’s sluggish-
                                                                                                                                             collateral management;
      up approximately 15 percent of CRM vendors’ total revenue stream,                 ness. “The enterprise-class solutions
      according to Forrester Research.                                                  were all-encompassing, and as a result               partner management;
         “It’s been at that level for a while, and I often wondered, ‘Is it             the deployments took a long time and                 partner program
      going to grow and become more important and change?’” says                        didn’t achieve return on investment                  management;
      William Band, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. “It              (ROI) quickly,” he recalls. “Organiza-               sales management;
      seemed pretty sleepy to me until recently.”                                       tions are finding with the on-demand                 partner training; and
         A recent Forrester survey, however, suggests that PRM is waking                approach they can tackle one problem,
                                                                                                                                             partner analytics.
      up, especially among B2B companies. Listed as one of 19 applica-                  get ROI, and then build from there.”
      tion areas, PRM was cited by 28 percent of all respondents as being                  Regardless of deployment model,                    Source: William Band, Forrester Research

      critical to their businesses—roughly in “the middle of the pack,”                 Band says, pricing is still typically on a
      Band says. Among B2B respondents, however, that figure zoomed                     per-seat basis. Licenses for Oracle’s Siebel PRM, for example,
      to 45 percent. “PRM had been a quiet space,” Band says, “but it’s                 are approximately $1,500 to $2,000 per seat, he says, while
      [become] more critical than I expected.”                                 runs approximately $90 per user, per month.
         Gene Alvarez, research vice president for Gartner Research,                       Adam Honig, president and chief executive officer of Boston-
      also sees a renaissance of sorts. “From a market perspective, it                  based consulting organization Innoveer Solutions, says that
      had been quiet since 2004,” he says. “The on-de
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