Diaper Duty by ProQuest


It only took a few weeks for Josh Himwich, director of e-commerce operations at Diapers.com, to notice the huge lift in natural-search traffic. The difference, Himwich says, was PowerReviews' new search engine optimization (SEO) software for product reviews. Diapers.com has more than 4,000 products, ranging from baby toys to maternity wear to home-cleaning supplies, and now more than 35,000 reviews of those products are search engine-friendly. Enter PowerReviews' In-Line SEO, which makes reviews search engine-friendly by embedding them within the HTML code of the product page. Without any other modifications to SEQ strategy or product-detail pages, Himwich could clearly attribute improvements to In-Line SEO.

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									noon lunch and a break at 10 a.m. CSRs
knew the drill, but there wasn’t a roving
supervisor with a clipboard to ensure
                                                    Diaper Duty
                                                    With search-optimized customer reviews, Diapers.com
compliance. “Agents knew what was ex-
pected of them, but there was nothing to
                                                    increases site traffic and online sales

hold them accountable,” Brackin recalls.                   t only took a few weeks for Josh          Enter PowerReviews’ In-Line SEO,
“Supervisors can only do so much.”                         Himwich, director of e-commerce        which makes reviews search engine–
   It may not seem like a big deal if a CSR                operations at Diapers.com, to no-      friendly by embedding them within the
takes her break at 10:15 a.m. instead of                   tice the huge lift in natural-search   HTML code of the product page.
10 a.m., but Brackin says the tweaks pile           traffic. Sure, it had happened before—           Without any other modifications to
up and affect the overall level of service.         when the company ran a promotion or           SEO strategy or product-detail pages,
For example, 80 percent of all calls must           sent out an email campaign, or sometimes      Himwich could clearly attribute improve-
be answered within 25 seconds. “If an               for reasons wholly unexplainable. Only        ments to In-Line SEO. After just two
agent doesn’t adhere and wants to go on             this time, the uptick hadn’t faded.           weeks, results far exceeded expectations:
break with [his] friend, that’s two people             The difference, Himwich says, was          a 59 percent increase in the number of
off the phones instead of one,” she says.           PowerReviews’ new search engine opti-         keywords driving traffic, and a 49 percent
“That doesn’t help me meet service-level            mization (SEO) software for product re-       increase in overall natural-search traffic.
objectives to customers.”                           views. Diapers.com has more than 4,000           “That’s why reviews are important,”
   With Verint’s system in place, supervi-          products, ranging from baby toys to ma-       Himwich says.“They add a lot more key-
sors are now able to clearly show agents            ternity wear to home-cleaning supplies,       words into the mix for those pages….
what adherence should be and how it af-             and now more than 35,000 reviews of           You’re adding not only to the keyword
fects the contact center overall. As a result,      those products are search engine–             density of that product but you’re adding
the adherence rate increased from 63 per-           friendly. Approximately 500 products          a long tail of keywords as well.” Reviews,
cent to 94 percent in one year. Scheduled           have more than 15 reviews—some have           written in a language that fellow custom-
variance has plummeted from 10 percent              more than 200—but only the first page of      ers understand, help keep content on the
to less than 1 percent. Sticking to the             15 reviews is indexed by search engines.      product pages fresh and introduce key-
schedule has increased the average agent’s          (Companies can customize the number           words with more frequency and rele-
number of AARP-related outbound calls               of reviews displayed to search engines,       vance than a marketer ever could. (For
by an average of 15 percent. “Seeing the            but Darby Williams, PowerReviews’ vice        more on search engine marketing, see
results so quickly was the biggest shocker          president of product management, says         “Search Engineering,” page 37.)
for us,” Brackin says. “If you can produce          the law of diminishing returns comes             The bottom line was just as rosy: In
those reports in real time and train peo-           into play—the most-relevant reviews are       the two weeks after implementing In-
ple to use the tool, they’ll re
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