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Pre: Assessing Smartphones in CRM

      R E C E N T LY   R E A D Assistant Editor Lauren
      McKay’s article on Apple’s iPhone and its possible
      use in the CRM field (“CRM and the iPhone,”
March 2009, I like the fact that
you mentioned the BlackBerry Storm in a sidebar, but you failed to make any men-               A F T E R R E A D I N G O N E O F Marshall
                           tion of the new Palm Pre. I think the iPhone’s two largest          Lager’s recent Pint of View columns
                           competitors in the mobile smartphone market are Black-              (“Holiday Revisits,” January 2009,
    The new                Berry and Palm. I know a lot of individuals who have      , I have resolved to
Palm Pre will              devices from these manufacturers; a large market already            remove the word “solution” from my news
                           exists for these phones and most carriers offer some type           releases. (It’s an uphill battle—people love
revolutionize              of Palm or BlackBerry device. The Storm has more fea-               that word around here.) In fact, I just tossed
  the moble-               tures than any of the current BlackBerry phones but its             out three “solutions” in my most recent
                           interface is still a little “kludgy.”                               release. I did have to leave one in at the bot-
 smartphone                    The Palm Treo—Palm’s previous product line—has                  tom—it’s my company’s boilerplate, but
     market.               many features similar to those of the iPhone but does
                           lack a few important things. The new Palm Pre, on the
                                                                                               nobody ever reads that stuff anyway.
                                                                                                  Name withheld
                           other hand, will revolutionize the mobile-smartphone                   Corporate Communications
market. This new device surpasses the iPhone—for one thing, you can multitask                     Company name withheld
(that is, have multiple applications running).
    Thanks for your time—and I hope you check out the Palm Pre.                                I R E A L LY E N J O Y E D Pint of View in
   E.Z. Reiter                                                                                 the April issue of the magazine (“We                                                                  Reserve the Right to Screw Up Your Ser-
                                                                                               vice,” I searched for
Assistant Editor Lauren McKay responds: Thanks for your feedback, Ed. Although we              the Murky Coffee incident you mentioned
didn’t give the Palm Pre as much coverage in that March article as we did the Storm, we        and laughed out loud when I read what
did include the device i
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