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“BCE” thank you                                        bilities of as many readers as possible. I      effort to examine it closely and in context.
I appreciate Thomas                                    believe Nicholas Sheble was kind enough         Obviously, we are not all going to reach ac-
Kirner and Nicho-                                      to supply the definition for further clarity.    curate conclusions about issues “beyond
las Sheble’s use of                                       As for myself, I have no difficulty in rec-   physics,” but it is very important to accord
and definition for                                      onciling my awe for nature and love of          respect to each person’s honest quest for
the acronym “BCE”                                      science with gratitude to a Creator with a      those conclusions. After all, my conclusions
(Before      Common                                    personal interest in each of us.                could certainly end up among those falling
Era) instead of BC in                                     My first bachelor’s degree was in Phi-        on the heap of discarded hypotheses.
the “It floats boats”                                   losophy, and the early brief surveys of the        Thomas W. Kirner
article on buoyancy                                    Greek progenitors of science, in the History
technology in the February 2009 InTech                 of Philosophy courses, often left me feel-      Baby boomers sticking around
(                         ing that they were rather primitive to think    Baby boomers will not be leaving the
   I see it as a small step away from a cul-           that the universe was constructed of fire,       workplace as mentioned in the March
ture mired in religion and a step towards              water, earth, and air. It took quite a while    InTech article “Boomers and safety strate-
a culture based on science, reason, and                to recognize that they were not speaking        gies” (
a sense of awe for nature, which is not                on such a physical basis at all, and that          Loss of their nest eggs through depre-
based on mysticism.                                    the language of philosophy was extremely        ciation of their IRA’s and real estate, in ad-
   Paul Crivell, P.E.                                  technical, requiring more research into         dition to the fact a good percentage of the
   Mill Creek, Wash.                                   specialized meanings of seemingly com-          baby boomers did not save to begin with
                                                       mon terms, than it now takes me to figure        … means they will have to continue in the
Response:                                              out the meanings of managemen
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