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					                                    Bay of Quinte General Meeting
                                      Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
                                    Centennial Secondary School

Room Assignments
room 231 Girls Soccer
     233 Boys Rugby
     235 Track and Field
     236 Tennis
     234 Golf

1.    Call to order -Paul Whalen
      a.      Called to order at 6:05
      b.      Welcome all coaches and AD’s
      c.      Congratulations to
              i.      QCHS hosting A OFSAA for basketball
              ii.     NCC third AA OFSAA gold medal in boys basketball
              iii.    Bayside hosting A/AA OFSAA girls hockey
              iv.     ENHS 1st place in wrestling
              v.      NCC medals winners in swimming
2.    Approval of Minutes Adrian Bertrand
      a.      Joe Dics/Scott Dewar
      b.      Business arising–>travel Grant from tim larry. It was received for $1100. It will be used to
              rembuse the money on a particpant basis to all COSSA X country participant. If there are any
              questions please speak to tim larry at ENSS. Money will be dispersed by the end of the month.
3.    Approval of Financial Statement (see next page) Adrian Bertrand
      a.      Deb clare, Jon Vanderwindt
4.    COSSA report Brian Poste
      a.      Executive meeting is next Monday. If you have agenda items please email them to Brian @

5.    Winter Sports Reports–> Paul Whalen
      a.     Don’t forget to submit the paperwork (championship report/financial statement)
             i.     Girls Hockey
                    (1)     BSS beats PECI in the finals.
                    (2)     problems–>Frustrations- the consultation game was not played (ie lose the first
                            game and then have to return home instead of playing a consultulation game).
                            Looking to move a motion to make the game be played
             ii.    Boys Hockey
                    (1)     St T’s beat CSS in the finals
             iii.   Boys Basketball
                    (1)     NCC won both Titles
                    (2)     5 of 7 years AAA COSSA has bee hosted by KPR. Concerns about why it is this way.
             iv.    Girls Volleyball
                    (1)     CHSS beat Marc Garneau for the championship @ Sr
                    (2)     Marc Garneau won the Jr championship
             v.     Wrestling
                    (1)     more schools at COSSA level
                    (2)     CSS Boys/ ENSS Girls overall winners
             vi.    Skiing
             vii.   Swimming
                   (1)      NCC was 1st overall in B of Q
            viii. Curling
            Badminton & Gymnastics are Deferred until next meeting
6.   Spring Sports Reports
     a.     Girls Soccer (Jones)
            i.     12 schools (2 pools of 6). Schedule is made but requires some adjustments to meet requests.
                   Top 4 schools advance (semi finalists if conflict goes back to league standings)
     b.     Boys Rugby (Dewar)
            i.     10 Sr & 12 Jr
            ii.    Want to run 1 pool to avoid creating a complicated schedule.
            iii.   Pro’s and con’s were discussed, but are going to run 2 pools
            iv.    Top 4 going to COSSA
            v.     By laws are being
            vi.    By laws officals fee’s raised from $30 to $40 raised some concerns
     c.     Track and Field (Larry/Poste)
            i.     15 schools are participating
            ii.    1 invitation meet
            iii.   11th and 16th (invitation/B of Q)
            iv.    24th COSSA
            v.     East regional 31st and 1 June
            vi.    OFSAA at 6th thru 8th in Ottawa
     d.     Tennis (Tie)
            i.     7 schools (double from last year)
            ii.    May 18th at Loyalist
            iii.   May 25th is COSSA
     e.     Golf (Clare)
            i.     11 schools particpating
            ii.    By laws
            iii.   May 17th b of q
            iv.    Week of may 21st @ KPR for COSSA
            v.     3 18's apr 24th may 1st and may 8th for the leauge play
            vi.    Must play 2 of 3 of the day tournaments
            vii.   By laws will be provided. Questions where answered about the
            viii. Will be re-visited in the June meeting to see if they need of up-dating.
            ix.    Approved by majority
7.   Discussion Item
     a.     Increase in officials fee’s
            i.     Offical representation is not adequately represented at B of Q meetings.
            ii.    Referee in chief fee’s vary depending on sports and seasons.
            iii.   T. Larry suggests that unless all official representation needs to ask at the respective sports
                   general meetings.
            iv.    Fee’s are decided on AGM for basketball. Others sports?
            v.     Motion Tim Larry 2nd by Steve Tracze
                   (1)      all sports with offical’s convenors will need to publish to the B of q for a list of fee’s
                            per game, the honarium for the officals convernor and league costs.
     b.     Inclement weather
            i.     Concerns about games being played when busses are cancelled.
            ii.    Facility concerns (the cost factor)
            iii.   Liability would fall on the B of Q, convenors and the board.
            iv.    Motion
                   (1)      Steve Tracze/Tim larry
                     (2)     all league (or exhibtion or all star) will be postponed or cancelled if all busses
             v.      Jim Barbeau and Dick Howe recieved awards for OFSSA in sport awards this year
      c.     The issue of recruiting was brought forth and will be further discussed at the AD’s meeting
             tentatively scheduled
8.    Information Items
      a.     Agenda items for June can be submitted any time to A. Bertrand @ BSS (email
             i.      May 31st is the deadline for General meeting agenda items.
9.    Other Business
10.   Adjuornment
      a.     Deb Clare & Steve Tracze motion to adjourn @ 728
Expenses 2006-2007

Item                        Money In    Money Out      Notes
Opening Balance Sept 1st    $2,372.32

Medal Fees                                                                              4.75
Fall Sports                                                       Total Medals Total Cost
girls basketball            $285.00                    30/30           60                285
boys soccer                 $380.00                    40/40           80                380
football                    $760.00                    80/80          160                760
boys volleyball             $285.00                    26/26           52                247
girls rugby                 $570.00                    60/60          120                570
cross country               $427.50                    48/48           96                456

Winter Sports
Girls Volleyball            $247.00                    26/26            52              247
Swimming                    $0.00                        0               0                 0
boys basketball             $285.00                    30/30            60              285
Gymnastics                                               26             26             123.5
Girls hockey                                           26/26            52              247
Boys Hockey                 $247.00                    26/26            52              247
Wrestling                                              32/32            64              304
Skiing                                                   26             26             123.5
Curling                     $104.50                     "6/6            24              114
badminton                                              16/16            32              152

Spring Sports
Boys Rugby                                             60/60           120             570
Girls Soccer                                           40/40            80             380
Tennis                                                 16/16            32             152
Track and Field                                         135            135           641.25

Medal Purchases
300/300 silver gold                     $2,122.10                                      $3.54
400/100 gold/silver                     $1,797.36                                      $3.59

B of Q Championship game profits

Girls Bball                 $38.50

FTE Fees ($0.25 x FTE)                              # of Students
BSS                         $220.00                      880      not recieved as
                                                                       of yet
CHSS                        $204.25                      817
CSS                         $276.00                      1104
ecmg                        $23.50                         94
ENSS                        $326.05                    1304.2
MSS                         $182.44                    729.76
NAEC                        $40.25                        161
NCC                         $193.75                       775
NHSS                        $179.63                    718.52
PECI                        $221.00                      884
QCHS                        $37.75                        151
QSS                         $236.56                    946.24
STP                               $133.50                      534
STT                               $175.50                      702
THS                               $233.90                     935.6
                                                               Total    10736.32    $2,684.08
$0.15 per FTE enrollement                        $1,610.45   1610.448   $1,073.63
Office Supplies

Executive Fees

Banking Fees
sept                                              $3.75
oct                                               $3.75
nov                                               $3.75
dec                                               $3.75
jan                                               $3.75
feb                                               $3.75
mar                                               $3.75
apr                                               $3.75


                     Money In        $6,313.58
                    Money Out        $5,559.91

                         Profit        $753.67
                       Balance       $3,125.99

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