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 Kemwell to Build New Biopharma Facility in India                                            Increasing Tablet Production
 Kemwell completed the groundbreaking ceremony of a new biopharmaceutical                    In the current economic climate, all sectors of business are under pressure to
 manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India, in a strategic collaboration with                  enhance productivity with minimum capital outlay — and tablet producers are
 Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. With this collaboration, Kemwell will complement             no exception. With this in mind, I Holland is committed to assisting solid dose
 their early clinical supply services, ranging from full-service process development,        manufacturers in their quest for increased output from their existing tablet presses.
 manufacture, formulation and fill & finish at the cGMP manufacturing facility in            I Holland has been making multiple tipped tooling for more than 25 years. These
 Bangalore, India, as a one-stop-shop through access to Boehringer Ingelheim’s               punches and dies provide tablet manufacturers with a cost-effective way of improving
 cell line development with the BI HEX technology platform, followed by a preferred          productivity as an alternative to investment in costly new tablet presses. While not all
 access to the large-scale commercial production of Boehringer Ingelheim at its              products are suitable for production with multi-tipped tooling, a substantial portion
 facilities in Europe. “Most importantly, Kemwell and Boehringer Ingelheim will              are. The number of tips on a single punch can range from two to more than 30,
 provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology from Europe along with               depending on the size of tablet being produced and the available tooling design.
 the benefit of low cost manufacturing from India,” says Anurag Bagaria, Vice-                   For the production of tablets with dimensions of 4 mm or less, the Micro-Tab is
 President of Kemwell.                                                                       specifically designed for high volume manufacture. If tablets with dimensions that are
     Kemwell’s new 15,000 m2 greenfield state-of-the-art facility will be designed           greater than 4 mm are being produced, then Multi-Tip punches and dies are available
 for the process development, fermentation, purification and formulation of                  for a number of shaped and round tablet designs. Both ranges are available with
 biologics for early-phase preclinical and clinical studies. The facility will consist of    I Holland’s recommended design solution: the internal cap fixing. This design results
 a cGMP drug substance manufacturing facility and a sterile fill and finish facility         in a seamless punch barrel because the cap is fitted inside the body, preventing the
 for drug product with a floor for process development laboratories to support               risk of damage to the turret punch guides, oil/dust seals and minimizing granule
 the production of protein therapeutics from mammalian-cell culture or microbial             contamination. Where the internal cap fixing is not appropriate, or simply not the
 fermentation. The Kemwell Biologics factory will be located on the Kemwell site in          customer’s preferred design, alternative designs are available. I Holland has recently
 Bangalore as it will share synergies with the other facilities on the site. Kemwell         released its Multiple-Tip Tooling brochure, which contains more detailed information,
 has dedicated facilities for tablets, semisolids and liquids manufacturing as well          and is available by emailing your request to
 as pharmaceutical development services on the same site and can thus synergize
                                                                                             More information
 its current competencies by using existing trained personnel in analytical and
                                                                                             Alex Bunting, Marketing
 quality services at the new facility. Kemwell will also provide in-house experts
                                                                                             T. +44 115 983 5466
 in toxicology and clinical development and partner with Indian CROs to help
 customers manage toxicology and clinical studies in India. Thus, the customer
 can benefit from low costs through the development process. “Through the
 partnership with Kemwell Biologics, Boehringer Ingelheim will strengthen its               Kerry Opens New Innovation and Technical Centre
 presence for biologic services in Asia, providing state-of-the-art technologies            Kerry, the global ingredients, flavours and consumer foods group, has inaugurated its
 for economic manufacturing of innovative, high quality biopharmaceuticals,”                new state-of-the-art Kerry Center in Beloit (Wisconsin, USA) to spearhead customer
 commented Prof. Dr Rolf G. Werner, Corporate Senior Vice President of the                  product commercialization into the future. The new 250,0000 square foot innovation
 Corporate Division, Biopharmaceuti
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Description: Kerry, the global ingrethents, flavours and consumer foods group, has inaugurated its new state-of-the-art Kerry Center in Beloit (Wisconsin, USA) to spearhead customer product commercialization into the future. The new 250,0000 square foot innovation and commercial centre, completed at a cost of $50 million, was officially opened by Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle.
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