State leaders call for chronic disease focus

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Republicans criticize                   Horan said none of the 80 private in-
                                        spection facilities that financed the
                                                                                  clair) said the current reimburse-
                                                                                  ment rules allow obstetricians, gy-
                                                                                                                             addressing chronic disease as part of
                                                                                                                             health care reform.
inspection condition                    purchase have paid more than 22           necologists and midwives to provide             The New Jersey partnership to
                                        percent interest. He added that the       services without ever being paid.          Fight Chronic Disease kicked off its
A requirement that inspection sta-      stations were informed of the pur-              payments can be affected by           campaign to slow health care spend-
tion owners buy emissions equip-        chase two years ago.                      whether a patient moves out of the         ing by focusing on curbing chronic
                                                                                                                                                                                   “The state budget
ment brought criticism from three             “No one at that time raised any     area, is transferred to a specialist due   conditions through prevention and                      may be squared
republican legislators last week.       concerns with the equipment vendor        to pregnancy risks or has a miscar-        early treatment.                                         away for the
      State Sen. Steven Oroho, As-      or that there would have to be a one-     riage, according to the bill sponsors.          “right now we have a sick care
semblywoman alison littell mcHose       time payment,” Horan said. He said              “That seems absolutely unfair        system in this country,” said David l.
                                                                                                                                                                                     governor, but
and Assemblyman Gary Chiusano —         the businesses were informed of the       to the professionals who do every-         Knowlton, co-chairman of the part-                   clearly, the election
all with offices in Sparta — compared     cost last fall and that they requested    thing in their power to ensure a           nership. “What we need is a health                          is not.”
the requirement to extortion.           the financing option in May.               healthy delivery, and through this         care system.”
      “This is a disgusting way to            The equipment is being dis-         legislation, we would make sure                 Knowlton said the cost of health
treat the small-business owners who     tributed by Parsons Commercial            that insurers reimburse ob-gyns and        care reform would be much lower if
                                                                                                                                                                                       Fairleigh Dickinson
are vital to our state’s economy,”      Technology Group, which signed a          midwives throughout the course of a        the Congressional Budget office in-
McHose said.                            five-year contract in May 2008 to up-      patient’s pregnancy,” she said.            cluded an estimate of the long-term
                                                                                                                                                                                      University professor
      The legislators noted that the    grade vehicle inspections. – Andrew             The Senate passed the bill 39-0      savings from fighting chronic disease.                      Peter Woolley,
equipment won’t be ready until          Kitchenman                                and the Assembly approved it 76-3               Knowlton and Florio were joined                   analyzing a poll that 55
November, but businesses were re-                                                 on June 25. – Andrew Kitchenman            by New Jersey Chamber of Com-                           percent of the public
quired by the Motor Vehicle Com-
                                        Bill aims to reimburse                 
Description: A group of leaders, which included the presidents of the state's two larg- est business associations and former Gov. Jim Florio, called for a focus on addressing chronic disease as part of health care reform.
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