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CI Appliance


The CI Appliance from Code Green Networks provides scanning of network traffic for sensitive content, and based on policy can block, allow, quarantine, retain a copy, encrypt, notify the sender, and/ or notify an administrator of an incident of data leakage. The content inspection engine uses a combination of keywords, regular expressions, patterns, file types and fingerprinting technology to identify sensitive content.

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									                                                                                   GROUP TEST l DRM & DLP

                     CI Appliance                                                           Documentum IRM
                                                                                                                    LDAP directories and RSA
                                                                                                                    SecureID. This product can
                                                                                                                    protect many document types,
                                                                                                                    including Microsoft Office,
                                                                                                                    Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft
                                                                                                                    Outlook, Lotus Notes, RIM
Vendor Code Green Networks           which adds to the product’s                                                    BlackBerry and HTML. This
Price     $10,000 (for 50 users)     flexibility. Endpoints, such as                                                 tool seamlessly integrates directly
Contact www.codegreennetworks.       client workstations, are also con-      Vendor EMC                             into the app, providing an intui-
com                                  stantly monitored by the appli-         Price  starts at $45,000               tive menu for the end-user.
        he CI Appliance from         ance through use of an easily                                                     Documentation includes

                                                                                      for 100 users
        Code Green Networks          deployed CI Agent.                      Contact                    installation and administrator
        provides scanning of net-       Documentation included                                                      guides for the server and a cli-
work traffic for sensitive content,   several installation and admin-                 MC Documentum Infor-           ent user guide. All these include
and based on policy can block,
allow, quarantine, retain a copy,
encrypt, notify the sender, and/
                                     istrator’s guides. All were well
                                     organized with step-by-step
                                     instructions and screen shots.
                                                                             E       mation Rights Manage-
                                                                                     ment (IRM) encrypts and
                                                                             persistently protects documents
                                                                                                                    screen shots and clear, detailed,
                                                                                                                    step-by-step instructions.
                                                                                                                       EMC offers various levels of
or notify an administrator of an        The company offers various           from unauthorized viewing,             tech support, including phone
incident of data leakage. The        support options and fee-based           copying and printing, regardless       and email, both free and fee-
content inspection engine uses       plans. These provide various            of where the document physical-        based. There is also an open
a combination of keywords,           levels of phone and email tech-         ly resides. This is accomplished       community support site, which
regular expressions, patterns, file   nical support, as well as hard-         through use of a policy server,        includes forums and downloads.
types and fingerprinting technol-     ware warranties. Customers also         which holds encryption keys for           At a price of $45,000 for 1
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