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  LiveCycle Rights Management ES                                                                  HASP SRM
                                       the product applications are also                                           This tool allows for a different
                                       simple and intuitive to use.                                              kind of digital rights manage-
                                          LiveCycle uses an application                                          ment. Instead of protecting
                                       and web server to host docu-                                              documents or emails, it protects
                                       ments. This allows for a great                                            software and applications from
                                       amount of flexibility and trans-                                           piracy or unauthorized use – as
                                       parency to the end-user.                                                  well as licensing requirements –
                                          Documentation was comprised                                            by requiring that a user needs a
                                       of a number of well-organized                                             dongle to run an application.
                                       PDF guides. However, there                                                  Documentation provided with
                                       were just too many. We would                                              this product was well organized
                                       like to see them consolidated for                                         and easy to follow with step-by-
Vendor Adobe                           better ease of searching.            Vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems     step instruction and quite a few
Price   $120/per recipient                Adobe offers an online knowl-     Price   $5,000                       screen shots.
Contact www.adobe.comv                 edge base as free technical sup-     Contact www.aladdin.com                Aladdin offers eight hours a
                                       port. Enterprise-level support                                            day/five days a week phone and
         dobe LiveCycle Rights         can be obtained through support              laddin HASP SRM con-         email technical support free of

A        Management ES is a
         client-server-based digital
rights management (DRM) prod-
                                       contracts at a price of 20 percent
                                       of the license fee. This support
                                       includes phone and email techni-
                                                                            A       trols access to protected
                                                                                    software applications
                                                                            either through a hardware
                                                                                                                 charge to customers. There is
                                                                                                                 also a support area available
                                                                                                                 on the company’s website that
uct that integrates with most          cal support 24/7.                    dongle or through a virtual          includes downloads, FAQs and
existing infrastructure, includ-          Adobe LiveCycle Rights                           dongle that resides   a knowledge base.
ing directory systems, operating       Management ES pricing varies                        on the end-user’s       With a price starting at $5,000
systems and databases. The tool        based on the number of users/                       hard disk. In both    with keys purchased by volume,
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