Look Out, Jeremy Bean! by ProQuest


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									July/August 2009                                                        431

assembles a scrappy team and coaches them to play Sinister Bend,
Moundville’s archrivals. Through a cast of memorable characters—one
kid is called Google because the only phrase he seems to know in Eng-
lish is “search me”—Scaletta’s enthusiasm for the sport shines. As the
“Mudville Nine” resurrect the soaked baseball field, they bring life to a
whole town. Though Roy’s maturity at times seems beyond his age and
experience, he is still an engaging narrator. Baseball fans or not, readers
will sympathize with Sturgis for his painful past and root for Roy and
his team to win the big game. chelsey philpot

Alice Schertle Look Out, Jeremy Bean!; illus. by David Slonim
  64 pp. Chronicle 5/09 isbn 978-0-8118-5609-6 $14.99
Three interlocking stories provide a lot of laughs for young listeners and
readers. In the first story, everyone in Jeremy’s class is collecting some-
thing—rocks, sticks, stamps—and he fears that he will be the only one
without a collection. But after his grandfather tells him the tales of his
childhood, Jeremy finds the perfect thing to collect. In the second story,
Jeremy hears his mother talk about the dust bunnies under his bed and
decides that “a dust bunny would make a wonderful pet.” He constructs
a cunning trap but is unsuccessful in finding anything but a nightmare
about a giant dust bunny who likes to eat little boys. The final story
(published previously as a picture book) has 
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