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            Using Crash Data to Guide EMS Response
              An expert panel of emergency physicians, trauma surgeons, vehicle safety experts
            and others concluded in a new report that advanced automatic crash notification
            (AACN) systems hold promise for improving the outcomes of victims of motor vehicle
            crashes, and offered recommendations toward utilizing them in emergency response
              The systems, the panel found, could help predict the likelihood of serious injury
            among vehicle occupants, decrease EMS response times, shape field triage destina-
            tion and transportation decisions, and reduce the time to definitive trauma care for
            patients. Their report includes a model AACN protocol by which telemetry data helps
            guide determination of injury severity.
              The telemetry information is based on sensors in the vehicle that, in the event of
            a crash, transmit data such as force and direction of impact, multiple impacts and
            air bag deployment to advisors who forward the information to emergency dispatchers. This helps the dispatchers better determine
            what personnel and equipment to send and what destinations are appropriate for transport.
              Find the report, Recommendations From the Expert Panel: Advanced Automatic Collision Notification and Triage of the Injured Patient,

                                                                                            LINE-OF-DUTY DEATHS
               MORE TIME FOR stroke care                                                       • Bonnie McNeill, 50, of the Union Rescue
                                                                                            Squad in Willard, NC, died of a cardiac arrest
                  Time is still essential for stroke patients, but they may have more
                                                                                            following a call in May. She also served with Pender
               than previously thought: New guidelines published in May in the              EMS and Rescue in Pender County.
               journal Stroke extended the window for use of clot-busting                      • EMT-I Christopher Meadows, 24, a search
               drugs from three hours after the start of symptoms to 4½ for                 and rescue volunteer with the San Luis Obispo
               some patients. The number of victims getting the treatment                   County (CA) Sheriff’s Department, was killed in an
               is expected to increase with the increased interval. Presently,              ATV accident while responding to a call in May.
               only around a third of stroke suf
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