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									                      NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series • Race 3 • Spokane County Raceway

                     Rookie father-son duo double at inaugural event

                                                                                            Shawn Cowie, near lane, won his fourth divisional event of the season by defeating
                                                                                            defending Division 6 champion Joey Severance, 5.49 to 5.56.

by Kelly Wade
photos by Rich Carlson

F    irst-year racers Tom Pappas and his
     son, Jim Pappas, made themselves
at home at Spokane County Raceway,
site of the Northwest Division’s third
NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series
event of the season. The race was also
the inaugural event for the newly
renovated facility, which boasts 700 feet
of concrete that makes for a supreme
racing surface. The stands were filled        The Top Alcohol Funny Car final was decided at the Tree once again, and Ken Webster, near lane, scored his first final-round win
with enthusiastic fans cheering for their     light when Ron August Jr.’s car lurched through the stage beam and tripped the red-light.
respective favorites, and the Pappas
were in the perfect setting to double up      No. 1 qualifier got a bye run in the        Geoff Goodwin, was inducted into the        Lambeck, competing in his third event
with a Super Comp win for Tom and a           first round, where he set low e.t. and      Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in        of the season, scored the final-round win
Top Dragster triumph for Jim.                 top speed, and he repeated the Mission      2008, collected round-wins over Dave        over Ray Hadford by .011-second.
    In addition to the Pappas collecting      final when he disposed of Dale Carlson      Germain and Trevor Lebsack before           Lambeck, of Corona Del Mar, Calif.,
their first wins, division-dominating Top     in the semi’s.                              getting the easy win in the final when      drove his ’06 Pontiac to an easy win in
Alcohol Dragster pilot Shawn Cowie,               The final round pitted Cowie against    August lurched through the stage beam       the first round over a red-lighting
Super Stock ace Jody Lang, and early          reigning Division 6 champion Joey           and red-lighted by a bunch. Adding          Patrick Byron, then won over Mission
Stock standout Greg Kielman repeated          Severance, and after running the table      insult to injury, Pleasanton, Calif.,       runner-up Brandon Huhtala, though
recent Mission Raceway wins by scoring        all weekend, it was no time for Cowie to    resident August, who was making his         both were under the index. Adam
in Spokane, Wash.                             back down; he clicked off a 5.49 at 264     first Northwest Division appearance,        Bowdish was next in line, and both ran
    Other event winners were Ken              mph to Severance’s 5.56, 247. Cowie’s       dropped an intake valve and popped the      under the index, but Lambeck pulled out
Webster (Top Alcohol Funny Car),              dominance was rewarded with a 190-          blower on the ill-fated run.                the win by seven-thousandths, and
Doug Lambeck (Comp), Jerry Earp               point lead in the division standings.           August beat John Evanchuk before        Lambeck got the single into the final.
(Super Gas), Jay Fulcher (Super                                                           his semifinal defeat of points leader       Clint Neff finished the event with the
Street), Michael Strickland (Auto Max         Top Alcohol Funny Car: Webster,             Brian Hough, who suffered extensive         points lead despite a first-round exit.
USA Top Sportsman), and Buff Kobs             who is competing in his first season in     parts damage during his run and pulled
(Sportsman Motorcycle presented by            the class, collected his first win with a   safely to a stop before the finish line.    Super Stock: Chevy Malibu driver
Harley-Davidson).                             final-round defeat of Division 7’s Ron                                                  Lang, the division points leader at the
    Northwest Division racers will head       August Jr. Webster, whose team owner,       Comp: Reigning Division 6 champion          conclusion of the event, appears to be
to Pacific Raceways June 19-21 for their                                                                                              getting comfortable at the top with back-
next NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing                                                                                                       to-back wins. With the Mission win still
Series event.                                                                                                                         fresh in his memory, Lang rocketed to
                                                                                                                                      the final round from the No. 16
Top Alcohol Dragster: Cowie                                                                                                           qualifying position with defeats of Troy
continues to dominate and scored his                                                                                                  Olsonawski, Rob Youngblood, and Don
fourth win in as many attempts. The                                                                                                   Thomas to get the bye into the final,
                                                                                                                                      where he got the win light when Eagle,
Both racers ran .477 under their respective                                                                                           Idaho’s Jackie Alley was .016-second
  indexes, but Doug Lambeck, far lane, got                                                                                            early off the starting line.
the nod in the Comp final thanks to a .017-                                                                                               Alley put away Jim Storms to earn
       second green light to Ray Hadford’s                                                                                            the second-round bye and was better at
                      not-too-shabby .028.                                                                                                                             to page 70
26   ✦ National   DRAGSTER
● Division 6                                    Idaho, winner) traded places in terms of
   from page 26                                 the outcome of the final round, so when
                                                they exited early in Spokane, it left
                                                room for a new pair of finalists. Event
both ends in the third round against            winner Earp and runner-up Mark Resen
Caitlin Setters before collecting a round-      clocked identical .031-second reactions,
win in the semi’s when Steve Hanby              but Earp ran closer to the index in the
broke out by .019-second.                       double-breakout match for the win.
                                                    Earp, in his second event of the
Stock: Kielman is quickly                       season, twice ran dead on the 10.05
establishing himself as a force to be           index, once in the second round and
reckoned with, as evidenced by his win          once in the semi’s, and Resen had three
in Mission and victory in Spokane.              lights during eliminations that were .017
Kielman, the division points leader             or better, setting the stage for a well-
over Mark Faul by 37 markers, put               matched and exciting final.                 Super Stock racer Jody Lang, far lane, won a second consecutive Northwest Division
together an incredible package in the                                                       event on a red-lighting opponent when Jackie Alley fouled by .016-second.
quarterfinals, a .003-second reaction           Super Street: Fulcher made a big
with a 12.111 on his 12.11 dial, to beat        jump to the top of the division standings   round, Pappas was nearly flawless on         round two, his opponent was in the
Brian Seaburg and collect the critical          with his final-round victory over           the Tree with a .001 reaction to assist in   red by .097-second.
bye run into the final, where he was            Abbotsford, B.C., racer Gerry Epp.          disposing of Mission winner Jon Riedel.         Strickland was better at both ends of
all but handed the win when John                Fulcher drove his ’67 Camaro to a           He ran .006 over his dial in the quarters    the track than Brian Stief (third round)
Langdon was -.115 at the Tree.                  stellar .007-second launch and ran .007-    to beat Garth Giroux, who broke out by       and Mission winner Randy Johnson
    Reigning division Stock champ and           second over the index in a third-round      .005, and earn a bye run into the final,     (semi’s). The win placed Strickland at
Super Stock winner Lang was surely              single and cut his best light against an    where he got a lucky break when Tom          the top of the Division 6 standings, eight
hoping to double but was downed by              opponent, .016, to win the final on a       Koenen broke.                                markers ahead of second-place Spencer
Langdon in a third-round double-                holeshot.                                      North Bend, Ore., resident Koenen         Martin.
breakout match.                                    Mission winner Larry Miner and           was second in the divisional standings at
                                                Boise winner Tom Manfred both lost          the conclusion of the event.                 Sportsman Motorcycle: No. 1
Super Comp: Competing in just his               their footing in the first round; Miner                                                  qualifier Dan Patridge had a string
second event, Tom Pappas drove his              couldn’t quite run the number and           Top Sportsman: Moses Lake,                   of luck helping him along the way to
dragster to a final-round victory over          Manfred was .011-second too quick off       Wash., racer Strickland made his first       the final. In the first round, Patridge
Brian Preszler with a neat .019-second          the starting line.                          trip to the winner’s circle when he          advanced on a red-lighting Joe
reaction and 9.058 on the 9.05 index.                                                       piloted his ’07 Mustang to a final-          Lesine, and Gary Stemple left before
Pappas ran five-thousandths over the      
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