Larry The Great by ProQuest


Rhodes' singular qualities as a dancer are vividly recalled by anyone who saw him perform," wrote Joseph Carman in Dance Magazine, November 2008, "his ease of movement that was both masculine and sensitive; a dramatic expressiveness that came from a search for the truth behind the movement; and a bold charisma that pierced the theater's fourth wall. [...] his faculty colleagues, his students and virtually anyone to whom you talk in the dance world will inform you, with uncommon passion, that his transformation of one of America's most prominent dance conservatories has been insightful, pragmatic, humane and, yes, despite his modesty, visionary. The verdict is that Rhodes, an extraordinarily versatile and peripatetic dancer in the earlier stage of his career, has built on a solid foundation at Juilliard and fashioned a mode of enlightened pedagogy that may resound beyond the profession.

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